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I’ve just returned from a few days in Europe, where I hit up four cities in six days. My domestic flights were short, so I focused on economy-driven, convenient trips—all utility. For my long-haul trips I spent much… Read More
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Revenue Management is extremely critical to the success of an airline, but pricing terms and ATPCO concepts often fly right over the heads of people who are outside the airline revenue management and pricing teams.ATPCO… Read More
The world is watching. Amid the steady work and common concerns of our days, for one exalted month people all over the world share in the grandeur of the World Cup. So, what’s that have to do with processing airfare… Read More
There’s a timeless romance written on every airline ticket. Four letters in the tax box spin a tale of vital airline revenue: YQ and YR. If your fare analysis skips Yankee Queen (YQ) and Yankee Romeo (YR), you’re… Read More
Get Connected. Get Noticed. Stay Happy. It’s time for airlines to get noticed in a sea of price points. It’s time for travelers to have a more transparent shopping experience when booking a flight. It was only natural… Read More
We're used to seeing photos of products and hotel rooms and knowing what amenities are available before we hit that “Buy” button. The airline industry is too smart to be left behind. It's time. ATPCO, the world leader… Read More
One thing is clear in this complex, brave new world: new technologies and data standards, used together by a mix of capable system providers, industry organizations, and agile startups, will continue to drive innovation… Read More
Leading the Airline Industry Into the Next Generation of Distribution More Data. More Channels. More Offers. More Opportunities. We believe in the power of data - and the people using it - to open new frontiers of… Read More