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One of the groundbreaking startups we worked with this year was Pilota, which uses artificial intelligence to predict flight disruptions and rebook a new option. They’re remarkable in how much they achieved in such a… Read More
Maximizing revenue from ancillaries is a hot topic across the airline industry. As ticket prices become increasingly competitive and margins thin, airlines are looking for ways to bolster revenue but remain competitive… Read More
TravelSky and ATPCO have announced that China’s largest GDS signed a five-year deal for both ATPCO’s pricing and shopping content.  
Ctrip is the latest to partner with ATPCO bringing the Routehappy airline rich content to its online platforms including  
If you want to eliminate rejections, then you need to close the gaps and have a consistent tax reference from distribution to settlement, and ATPCO allows that.
Do you know what the leading cause of interline rejections are? Tax mistakes. In fact, mistakes with taxes accounted for over 40% of all first-stage rejections in the IATA Clearing House (ICH) in 2017! This means many… Read More
ATPCO has one of the nicer APIs I've been able to work with in the airline industry. I'm particularly a fan of the X-Rate-Limit header.
Informal poll…do you enjoy any of the following? Waiting on hold to speak to an airline’s customer service agent to figure out if you can cancel or change your ticket? Having no idea what the aircraft, cabin, or seats… Read More
ATPCO has a neutral unbiased role in the industry and it’s ideally placed to bring all of the players in the ecosystem together in order to deliver the best results for all of those involved in that ecosystem.
We are actively working with Bridge Labs to provide maximum integration with ATPCO services, data, and APIs. This collaboration leads us to better learning and new solutions, and it empowers us to provide high value and… Read More
With ATPCO’s Branded Fares, we are able to have a consistent product across channels so that our customers know exactly what they are buying. It’s not just the price anymore, it's what goes along with that price.
We are delighted to have joined NDC Exchange and are sure that the platform will bring many benefits to our partners, providing a consistent product offering across the entire travel distribution ecosystem.
Bridge Labs has been the perfect launchpad to move our relationship with ATPCO into a new direction. The Bridge Labs program and team were instrumental in helping us to quickly connect to total price data. They guided… Read More
We need ATPCO because of the distribution to all sales channels and travel agents. It’s the only platform that supports that.
As NDC has continued to evolve, airlines and travel agencies and the entire distribution community have started to see there’s a need for a multi-distribution strategy – it’s not one size fits all, and NDC is a very… Read More
ATPCO has always been a great partner to American Airlines and the airline industry. It’s always been a traditional source of data information about the competitive environment. The world is changing and evolving and… Read More
NDC Exchange, in my view, is a single API source that would enable the rapid growth of the API connections across the industry.
By connecting to NDC Exchange, we have access to Air Canada and British Airways, as well as other airlines as they are released. By completing the single connection to NDC Exchange, we are being more efficient with our… Read More
NDC Exchange allows us to scale faster by providing us access to airline content, especially in North America. Having access to Routehappy Rich Content brings additional value and helps us to provide a richer experience… Read More
ATPCO is providing us with the ability to combine our pricing data with rich content so that all our product offering information is in one place. As an existing Routehappy Rich Content subscriber, NDC Exchange becomes… Read More