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This lesson will not discuss these concepts as they are used in other ATPCO products (such as Carrier-Imposed Fees, Ticketing Fees, or Optional Services).  This lesson will be conceptual and informational in nature. It… Read More
This course will provide you with an overview of how to structure ATPCO data for Interline, Code share, and Alliance agreements. This course does not include every possible variation of agreements that airlines create… Read More
Combinability is the process of using multiple fares to arrive at a complete fare for a ticket. In this course, Permitted Combinations (Category 10), you will learn how to update the combinability restrictions for a… Read More
Students will have a specified time period, typically 3-4 weeks, to complete the lessons using interactive, self-paced e-learning. This class will teach participants how to leverage the FareManager GFS feature, which… Read More
Getting Ready for FareManager is designed to prepare you for FareManager 100 by introducing concepts and terms that you will need to know when using ATPCO’s FareManager applications. This introductory course consists… Read More
Participants in FareManager 100 will acquire the skills to implement a basic pricing decision for US/CA and international fares, including learning how to: View and monitor* fares and fare conditions using Fares, GFS,… Read More
In Getting Ready for Optional Services, you will be introduced to foundational concepts and terms that you must master before learning Optional Services in ATPCO’s FareManager applications. Specifically, you will learn… Read More
FareManager 200 builds on FareManager 100 to teach participants how to implement more complex pricing decisions for fares using add-ons, routings, and fare rules. Participants in FareManager 200 will learn how to create… Read More
Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in FareManager 100, 200, and 300, this course will teach participants how to code the rules categories for Stopovers, Transfers, and Miscellaneous Provisions. Participants… Read More
Building on the knowledge and skills acquired in FareManager 100 and 200, FareManager 300 focuses on restricting fares using various Rules categories, including Blackouts (Category 11), Sales Restrictions (Category 15… Read More
This version of the Coding Reservation Booking Designators course is offered as an interactive, self-paced e-learning course including simulations and hands-on activities using our online training system. You will be… Read More