FareManager 100 E-learning


Participants in FareManager 100 will acquire the skills to implement a basic pricing decision for US/CA and international fares, including learning how to:

- View and monitor* fares and fare conditions using Fares, GFS, Market View, and Total Price Comparison.
- Create fares by validating and determining appropriate fare classes, footnotes, and routings.
- Amend, restore, cancel, and match fares using Query and other Fares tools.
- Create and amend fare classes by determining appropriate fare type, OW/RT tag, locations, and rule.
- Distribute fares, footnotes, and rules changes and resolve common release errors.
- Perform database maintenance by canceling fare classes, canceling fares with expired footnotes and discontinuing unnecessary footnotes.
- Identify and resolve common errors and warnings in Fares.
ATPCO’s FareManager 100 e-learning course can be accessed for on-demand learning. You can complete the full course of 41 lessons (approximately 60 hours) or select only those topics that you need to review. Upon successful completion of this e-learning course and exam, participants may continue to FareManager 200.

Video Introduction (http://www.atpco.net/faremanager-100-e-learning-video-introduction)

*Select Fare Management tools demonstrated in classes and e-learning lessons may require additional contracts or fees. Contact your Regional Director for more information.

Participants: Personnel responsible for implementing pricing decisions and who are new users of ATPCO input systems


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