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Automate Your Voluntary Changes and Refunds (Categories 31 and 33) - March 2019

11 March 2019
FareManager 100, 200, and 300

Considering that up to 15% of all tickets are reissued worldwide, it is critical to make the reissues and refunds process as efficient as possible. Learn how automating your reissues and refunds will help you cut processing time from more than 40 minutes to 2 minutes and save up to 40 euros per transaction. More than 55% of the world’s commercial traffic is taking advantage of Automated Reissues and Refunds. Shouldn’t you? This course is designed to teach participants how to create and maintain voluntary changes and refunds using ATPCO’s FareManager Rules product, as well as how to code Category 31 (Voluntary Changes) and Category 33 (Voluntary Refunds).


Personnel responsible for determining reissue and refunds policies and implementing pricing decisions


FareManager 100, 200, and 300


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