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Coding Reservation Booking Designators - April 2019

01 April 2019
Washington, DC
FareManager 100 and 200

IATA has endorsed ATPCO as the single source provider of RBD data in the airline industry. This course will give participants the skills necessary to distribute their Reservation Booking Designators (RBDs) using ATPCO's FareManager Rules product. Participants will learn to perform the following tasks in the online FareManager Rules product:

  • Identify booking code exceptions
  • Determine default booking codes
  • Determine processing methods for nonconcurring carriers
  • Identify the preferred method of instructing RBDs
  • View RBDs online in the Government Filing System
  • Use the RBD search tool
  • Make updates to RBD Chart 1 and Chart 2, including new data and maintenance of existing data


Personnel responsible for revenue management and implementing pricing decisions


FareManager 100 and 200


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