FareManager 100


Participants in FareManager 100 will acquire the skills to implement a basic pricing decision for international fares.

Participants will learn how to use the FareManager GFS and Market View tools for basic monitoring and analysis of pricing initiatives and to distribute data to pricing systems. Additionally, participants will learn to use the Fares system to view fares, create new fares, and increase or reduce existing fares. They will also learn how to create a Fare Basis Code and determine the correct Fare Type. Viewing maps and restrictions using the FareManager Routings tool is introduced. Finally, participants will learn how to code footnotes to modify a fare's Travel and Sales Restrictions.

This course contains a final exam. In order for this course to qualify as a prerequisite for future courses, you must complete the exam within the allotted time frame with a score of 85% or better.


Personnel responsible for implementing pricing decisions and who are new users of ATPCO input systems


Getting Ready for FareManager


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