Optional Services and Baggage (includes Branded Fares)


ATPCO's Optional Services course covers ancillary services, baggage restrictions, and branded fares.

Optional services provide an airline the ability to distinguish itself based on different services it provides and allows for any chanrges associated to the service to be pre-paid in computer reservation systems. Items defined in Optional Services are considered supplementary services that the airline offers to the customer and which the customer may choose to accept. 

In this course, you will learn how to view, search, display and update services for:

  • Baggage rules, including allowances and charges
  • Ancillary service offerings, such as flight-related services like meals and unaccompanied minors
  • Ticket services for lounge access and insurance
  • Merchandise services
  • Automated Reissue and Refund overrides that allow a passenger to prepay for changing a non-changeable ticket.

The Optional Services and Baggage course also covers the Branded Fares product, part of the ATPCO Service Fees portfolio. The automated ATPCO Branded Fares product, part of the ATPCO Service Fees portfolio, allows carriers to organize their fares into commercially recognizable brands, identify the tier (rank) of each brand and identify the distinct service features associated with each. Participants in this course will be able to search, view, create, and modify Branded Fares (Record S8). The Branded Fares solution, when used in conjunction with Optional Services, supports the ability to effectively communicate your service features and fare programs to your customers, ensure consistent results across all distribution and sales channels, and increase your yield and bookings.

Any organization wishing to take advantage of Optional Services to distribute ancillary services should attend this course.


Personnel responsible for implementing pricing decisions


Getting Ready for Optional Services


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