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Working Groups

Collaborate to define automated solutions and standards

If you're a standard-setter, we want you

We have been leading the development and management of the standards behind automated pricing for decades.

Whether it's building a direct-connect marketplace for NDC, structuring rich content, troubleshooting pricing content, or constructing mechanisms for dynamic pricing, our Working Groups set the standards that support the industry’s ideas.

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Who should join?

Professional level: Business users, analysts, leads, managers, supervisors

Expertise: Industry experts with knowledge of ATPCO products or solutions, airline business expertise, and a desire to solve challenges that exist today.


Active groups

Retailing: Next Generation Storefront (NGS)

Use your diverse retailing and distribution expertise and your understanding of market offerings and consumer preferences to guide the next-gen, data-driven digital retailing data standards.

Retailing: Ancillaries

Have expertise in Optional Services and Branded Fares? Help us create merchandising solutions that can tailor product offerings to customers’ unique wants and needs.

Distribution: Data Application

If you have experience at itinerary pricing in the marketplace, we'd welcome your participation in the ongoing achievement of industry-standard data processing logic.

Offers: Dynamic Pricing

Are you passionate about innovating pricing mechanisms in support of network planning, inventory management, and distribution across the ecosystem? You’ll fit right in.

Offers: Fares & Rules

We'd value your input on developing solutions and creating implementation roadmaps for the top priorities and business requests for flagship Fares and Rules data.

Offers: Fees

Got ideas on how to improve airline cost management, workflow, Carrier-Imposed Fees, and Ticketing Fees to give airlines more strategic price points? Join us.

Offers: Revenue Accounting

Gather with top industry experts to define the tax issues that are occurring in the revenue accounting world—and then create innovative solutions that benefit the entire industry.

Offers: Voluntary Changes and Refunds

Join industry experts in ticket changes to further define standard processing and to develop enhancements for automated refunds and reissues.

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