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ATPCO Hosted

Next Generation Storefront (NGS) Working Group

20 March 2019
21 March 2019
ATPCO Dulles Office

Unite forces with ATPCO, airline, and channel partners to guide the next generation of data-driven digital retailing data standards. We need diverse retailing and distribution experts who understand both market offerings and consumer preferences to confirm the quality and completeness of the NGS standards.

The Working Group is:

  • Driving a data-driven approach that presents products accurately, fairly, and in an auditable manner
  • Supporting proofs of concept (POCs), sharing analytics on how the standard improves the overall shopping process
  • Running POCs across multiple sprints to assess, challenge, and improve the NGS standard

Working Group Work Streams

Data Definition and Processing

  • Test and prove the accuracy of shelf algorithms
  • Determine elements for shelves and drawers
  • Ratify and deliver data standards and implementation guides 
  • Define data and end-to-end processing flow for all data elements
  • Document Data Application and NDC schema

Data Acquisition

  • Review and assess the completeness of the data
  • Analyze data gaps (OAG, Amenities, UTAs) in coverage and accuracy
  • Identify new data elements for documented gaps

Proof of Concept (POC) Coordination

  • Define POC scope, markets, and intended data sources
  • Recommend A/B testing methodology
  • Align success metrics and analytics

Why get involved?

NGS is the next big thing in airline retailing. Our goal is to build storefront standards that do not disadvantage any airline from any part of the world, of any size or business model. Get involved to make sure that NGS standards leverage your organization and your customers interests.

Let’s change the way the world shops for flights!

When: 20-21 March 2019

ATPCO Headquarters, Washington Dulles Airport
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Dulles, VA 20166

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