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ATPCO Wins IATA AIR Hackathon Corporate Blockchain Prize
New traveler wallet securely protects passenger preferences for personalized offers

DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – 15 January 2019 – ATPCO secured the corporate blockchain prize at the IATA AIR Hackathon in Lapland, Finland, after pitching a blockchain-secured Traveler Wallet where travelers can store their personal preferences for flights and then receive personalized offers from airlines that match those preferences.

The Traveler Wallet will allow consumers to indicate their preferences once—such as seat location and dietary favorites. Airlines and sellers can then use that information to prepare personalized airline offers when the traveler shops for a flight. The traveler owns and controls their own data, which is encrypted and secured by blockchain.

This unique idea allows an airline and seller to provide a level of personalized shopping not available in the industry today. The solution uses the NDC Exchange API to present the traveler a variety of offers, each one personally relevant to the traveler and protecting the privacy of their data.

A cross-functional group with expertise in software engineering, product development, and digital marketing, ATPCO’s Team won the corporate blockchain prize at the 28-hour coding competition from 30 November to 2 December.

The IATA AIR Hackathon focuses on solutions to enhance airlines’ retailing capabilities.

Additional Resources
To learn more about ATPCO’s work with blockchain, the 2018 Blockchain and Offer Innovation Whitepaper produced in collaboration with Blockskye describes the key features of blockchain and its applicability to airline distribution. Be considered to join the blockchain thought-leadership community, as part of our Partners in Innovation Council.

Uniquely positioned at the center of airline distribution, ATPCO elevates advanced technology and industry relationships to fuel the future of air travel. Owned by airlines, ATPCO manages more than 190 million fares for 460 airlines and is trusted as a neutral partner for airlines, agencies, search engines, global distribution systems, and governments worldwide. Its recently acquired subsidiary Routehappy powers rich content for flight shopping, helping airlines and distributors differentiate their products. Every day, the industry relies on ATPCO’s portfolio of technology and data solutions to help millions of travelers get where they need to go. Learn more at

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