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All main stage sessions are now available

ATPCO’s October 2023 Focus Summit+ was a global event held for the airline industry in Dubai. With main stage thought leadership sessions about topics like dynamic offer creation, merchandising, and pricing, you can now explore how we’re enabling modern airline retailing for the entire industry.

Nearing the apex: The evolution of modern airline retailing

Amit Khandelwal of Emirates, a leading airline expert, will explore the airline industry's shift to modern retailing, addressing customer evolution, technology drivers, and value changes in our keynote.

Amit Khandelwal, Emirates 

State of the industry: Leading the transformation of flight shopping

As the industry transforms to a world of offers being dynamically created, explore the trends we are seeing as the transition unfolds. ATPCO shares solutions that are in progress to help each organization along their dynamic offer journey and prepare for the future. 

Alex Zoghlin, ATPCO 
Tom Gregorson, ATPCO 

Moving NDC forward: An in-depth look at industry players’ success and learnings

Take a deep dive into an NDC journey. What are the key learnings and challenges? What needs to be refined? Will NDC help move the industry in the right direction to achieve modern airline retailing? Get all the answers here. 

Ian Luck, T2RL 
Graham Wareham, ATPCO 
Christian Jobst, Lufthansa Group Airlines 
Nicola Ping, Flight Centre 
Eric Dumas, TPConnects Technologies 

Dynamic demands: New data types we’ll need to support dynamic offers

New data is necessary for the evolution to more dynamically created offers. As the shift from searching for the lowest fare to searching by attribute continues, we're investigating new data to support the future. 

Daphne Nothwehr, ATPCO 
Rashmi Bhankhede, ATPCO 
Rajesh Samineni, ATPCO 

Consumer expectations are shaping the future of modern airline retailing 

What do customers expect to see while shopping for flights and why does that matter? What does modern airline merchandising look like? The adoption of visuals and attribute-based shopping is pivotal for moving us all in the right direction.

Chris Phillips, ATPCO 
Justin Jovignot, TAP Air Portugal 
Marc Koesling, Delta Air Lines
Namrata Balwani, TPConnects Technologies

Interoperability: Today, tomorrow, and into the future

Discover how ATPCO solutions ensure essential industry processes continue amid change, leveraging the present and future to lead us forward in a world of dynamic offers.

Melanie Dezelak, ATPCO 
Rich Kassner, ATPCO 

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