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Branded Fares

Make shopping easier for your customers by clearly presenting fare attributes

Simplify flight shopping while creating upsell opportunities 

Included at no additional cost for Community Participants, Branded Fares is the grouping of fare attributes to create distinct products that clearly convey included and optional services. With precise targeting by market, channel, and time of day, Branded Fares helps create upsell opportunities. By clearly presenting what is and is not included in a given fare, shoppers can make informed decisions and select the fare that best suits their needs.

Unlock the benefits of best-in-class merchandising

Appear in attribute-based searches

By filing complete attribute data with Branded Fares, you are guaranteeing that your offers appear when shoppers filter their searches by the optional services they want.

Position yourself for dynamic pricing success

Creating distinct products with Branded Fares based on flight attributes sets your airline up for the future of separation of product and price.

Improve customer satisfaction

By presenting fare attributes up front, there are no surprise fees and customers can easily understand what to expect from any given fare.

Enhance revenue generation

Clearly presenting fare attributes and creating upsell opportunities enables shoppers to confidently select the option that best meets their needs.

Open the door to untapped revenue  


Target specific customer segments

Branded Fares enables you to create unique offers targeted by route and channel. Whether it’s for the exacting businessperson or the cost-conscious leisure traveler, the product that matches shoppers’ needs is increasingly not the lowest fare.

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Set yourself up for success



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