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Express Contracts

Turn signed contracts into bookable fares in hours

Get to market faster and add revenue to your bottom line

Included at no additional cost for Community Participants, Express Contracts allows you to go from signed contract to bookable fares in hours. Our one-of-a-kind solution streamlines your contract management workflow in your existing integrated system by automating the filing and updating of your private data.

Ready to join the growing community of airlines that have saved over USD 49 million through contract automation? 

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Process your contracts faster

Processing and coding that used to take weeks now takes just hours—70% of contracts arrive in the market in 30 minutes. Integrating Express Contracts means you add a contract to your contract management system, and Express Contracts takes care of the fare filing. 

Convert your airfare contracts through express contracts and publish to the market within a day.

How can your airline benefit by automating your contracts?

Consistency, control, and visibility

Eliminate backlogs caused by contract renewal and peak filing seasons and give your sales team visibility into the status of your contracts. 

Automation and centralization 

Enable your team to do more with less by embracing automation. Streamline your contract management process and reduce reliance on disparate resources across your organization.

Speed to market

Get fares in front of customers before the competition and strengthen relationships by reducing delays between signed contract and fares in market. 

Accelerated revenue generation

Activate contracts on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The faster your negotiated fares are in market, the sooner you can start realizing revenue increases from those new contracts. 

One platform to streamline, centralize, and effortlessly update your private fares and programs 

Automate your contract filing when you connect to your contract management system 

A comprehensive, no-touch experience automatically sends contracts to ATPCO to be published when you integrate your contract management system (CMS) and your sales team submits a contract. Looking to upgrade your CMS? Take advantage of our partnership with Volaro and integrate with their contract and private fares management application, FareHub, the first and only system fully integrated with Express Contracts.  

Manage any or all of your private fare programs in one place 

Express Contracts allows you to manage all your private fare programs with any type of point-of-sale discount or percentage off, Fare by Rule (calculated or specific), or private specified fares, including these: 

  • corporate 
  • leisure 
  • tour 
  • specialty 
  • website 
  • group 
  • negotiated fares 

Seamlessly update existing private fare programs with Data Manager 

Data Manager features a user-friendly design that allows each airline to easily download existing private data that you can quickly review and update. 

  • Save time without needing to manually locate all your existing private program data 
  • Maintain accuracy and consistency in rule provisions from existing private fares to newly created private fares 
  • Copy existing rule information into a new tariff or rule 

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Turn signed contracts into bookable fares in hours.

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