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Industry event

IATA Offers and Orders Forum

22 May 2024
23 May 2024
Geneva, Switzerland

The active participation and engagement from both airlines and IT vendors kept the conference room packed until the close of event and brought forth the following key takeaways:

1. The momentum of industry transition is here and is accelerating:
Presentations from AF/KLM, EK, IB and LHG demonstrated an important mindset shift with an increasing number of airlines advocating publicly the end of legacy as we move to a world of 100% Offers and Orders.
2. Concrete implementations of interlining partnerships with Offers and Orders are showing their value:
Proof of Concept (POC) projects were presented by several airlines and their industry partners, and were followed by insightful discussions about the future of interlining with Offers & Orders.​

3. Industry collaboration is critical to the transition's success and IATA plays a key role through:
The development of standards supporting the transition; education on new Offers & Orders workflows and simplification; and the production of resources supporting the case for change in conjunction with the consortium of airlines.

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David Smith headshot

David Smith

Director, Airline Product Distribution

David Smith is the Director of ATPCO’s Distribute the Offer portfolio, He, has 30 years of experience working in the airline industry in the travel distribution ecosystem. With 10 years at a major European airline, and 20 years at ATPCO, he has experience in product management, finance, business process re-engineering, program management, contract management, data distribution, and standards creation and management.  He also runs several council and design team communities within ATPCO’s industry-leading governance, and is a member of various related IATA communities.

Melanie Dezelak headshot

Melanie Dezelak

Principal Fellow

Melanie is a principal at ATPCO with over 25 years of experience in airline pricing standards.  She played a key role in the development of ATPCO’s data collection and distribution standards for airline fares and related data and has led multiple industry working groups, including recent efforts on dynamic offers.

Rich Kassner headshot

Rich Kassner

Director of Product Strategy

Rich works in an area that collaborates across all divisions and product teams to provide the shared services of product strategy, design, and operations. As the industry moves toward dynamic offer creation, his team will ensure that the tools for offer creation and presentation have a clear vision and roadmap and are created with user-centric design.

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