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AGIFORS 2024 Revenue Management Study Group

06 May 2024
08 May 2024
Chicago, Illinois

AGIFORS represents a unique opportunity to share your work with the RM community and receive feedback from a diverse audience of peers and experts in the field. Any presentation on the subject of revenue management is welcome. Presentations in past years have focused on demand forecasting, network optimization, dynamic pricing, offer management, ancillary optimization, and more. Applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to RM are particularly welcome at this year's conference. 
Representatives from airlines, air transport associations, universities, industrial research laboratories and consultants will discuss new ideas and present technical papers. Come and share with us your ideas, thoughts, current trends, philosophies and latest technological advances on any of the above or related topics.

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Navid Abbassi headshot

Navid Abbassi

Chief Architect

Navid’s team provides support in alignment with ATPCO’s technology capabilities and investments with corporate strategy; creates integrated, efficient, and accurate ATPCO platform solutions across ATPCO’s product and technology groups; and helps evolve the corporate strategy based on the changing industry distribution and technology landscapes.

Rick Seaney headshot

Rick Seaney

Vice President, Innovation

Rick Seaney is the Vice President of Innovation at ATPCO/3Victors, following the successful acquisition of 3Victors, Inc. by ATPCO in late 2023. Rick was the co-founder and CEO of 3Victors, a groundbreaking big-data travel analytics startup that secured venture funding in early 2020. As the VP of Innovation at ATPCO/3Victors, Rick drives the company’s innovation efforts, shapes its vision, and oversees its execution and development. He is dedicated to catalyzing the transformation of the travel ecosystem, advocating for real-time data-driven decision-making as the travel industry’s future.

Tom Gregorson headshot

Tom Gregorson

Chief Strategy Officer

For over 25 years, Tom has been working to develop products that enhance the travel industry. Throughout his career, he has gained insight and provided leadership through his various roles at airlines and global distribution systems, and with ATPCO since 1996. In his current role, Tom leads the Strategy organization and is responsible for creating the long-term vision for ATPCO and exploring new business ventures. His focus is on industry standards and effective ecosystem governance, as well as driving forward concepts like dynamic pricing and tax automation. Tom has built a reputation for being a thought leader and implementer of industry solutions in the distribution space.

Brad Damman headshot

Brad Damman

Product Marketing Strategist

Brad’s career in marketing and the travel industry began all at once in 2021 after interning at ATPCO. His passion for connecting with others has blossomed into a love for the complexity and mission of the industry we serve. In his time at ATPCO, he has worked on marketing strategies for pricing and merchandising products. He is currently focused on supporting 3Victors’ sales goals by developing go-to-market strategies, updating brand messaging, updating their website, and creating content to promote there brand and products.

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