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Workshop on RefuelEU Aviation environmental labelling scheme

22 January 2024
23 January 2024
Cologne, Germany

Informing passengers of the environmental impact of their flight options is key in reinforcing the efforts of the aviation industry to decarbonise. The current lack of a common methodology, criteria and indicators adequately certified, reported and monitored, allows aircraft operators to claim levels of emissions performance of their flights that cannot be properly compared with each other. Passengers need to be able to trust the information from aircraft operators regarding the sustainability of the aviation fuels which aircraft operators use and regarding the sustainability of their flights, so they can make informed choices when comparing between different flight options, both for direct and indirect flights.

We will be convening a first workshop of the ReFuelEU Aviation environmental labelling scheme, with airlines and online travel agents, on 22nd and 23rd January 2024, in our Headquarters in Cologne (Germany). The aim is to exchange on the status, the methodology, data ingestion and treatment as well as the integration of the labelling into the ecosystem of emissions communication.

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charlie king headshot

Charlie King

Content Strategist

Charlie has been in the industry for nearly three years, starting at ATPCO as an intern in 2021. He works closely with airline partners to create rich media using attractive visuals and text in the form of Routehappy UPAs. Charlie has a Bachelor of Arts in Airline and Airport Management from Buckinghamshire New University, where he learned about airline economics, ancillary revenue, airline sustainability, and more. He later earned a Master of Science in Aviation Organisational Resilience. 

alex snape headshot

Alex Snape

Senior Content Strategist

Alex works with airline clients to create accurate, relevant, and inspiring merchandising content that captures the uniqueness of each airline’s brand. He focuses on delivering quality digital messaging and visuals that enhance the flight shopping experience by providing customers with highly targeted information about the exact product that they’re buying. Alex is an experienced writer and aviation enthusiast. Born and raised in New Jersey, he has traveled to various countries around the world, speaks French, and now calls London home. 

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