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3 reasons your company will embrace e-learning

3 reasons your company will embrace e-learning

In 1988, the Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) established the first technology specifications for e-learning. Today, aviation organizations rely on technology to train employees on everything from compliance with FAA regulations to technical training. To make it even easier for you to learn on how to use our systems, ATPCO now offers our four core FareManager courses in both e-learning and instructor-led training formats.

You can now select the type of training that works best for you. Continue reading to learn some of the differences between e-learning and instructor-led training and how to determine which one is right for you.

  1. Perfect for travel
    As a global company, we recognize that you may also be part of a multi-national corporation. Scheduling travel, booking a hotel room, and securing a visa can often be a challenge. Even though we offer training courses throughout the world, in addition to our ability to travel to your site for training, making the trip for a class may be a hardship for you. E-learning can be done on your schedule at your location, making it a great option.

    Our e-learning courses can also be used to fulfill pre-requisites for any e-learning or instructor-led course. This means that if you can attend FareManager 200 in person but there is no FareManager 100 class scheduled at a time that works for you, you can complete FareManager 100 online before attending an instructor-led FareManager 200 class. In pre-requisite courses, the content covered in the e-learning class is the same as the instructor-led class. That means that if you took the class online, you’ll gain the same skills and knowledge as the students who took the class in person.
  2. Learn independently 
    In an instructor-led course, content and activities will be controlled by the trainer. You can ask questions, but everyone in the class moves at the same pace. In an e-learning course, you can set your own pace. If you already know what’s being covered, you can skip it and move on to the next topic. If you are struggling to understand a concept, you can review the content, use an available resource, or even contact a trainer. If you like to learn independently, trying things on your own and exploring, then you are well-suited for e-learning. We offer you freedom while providing a structured course. Interactive activities and questions with detailed feedback will help you verify that you understand the concepts being taught and are ready to move on.
  3. Set your own schedule
    E-learning doesn’t require travel time and is easier to work into your schedule, but you will spend just as much time – or more – in the virtual classroom. ATPCO’s FareManager 100 is taught over five days for about 35 total hours of instruction. The e-learning format is estimated to take 40-60 hours to complete. Why the difference? This course consists of workflows, which represent realistic tasks that you may see in your daily work. First, you will watch an instructor perform a task. Then you will do it on your own in a guided simulation. Finally, you will complete the same task in a training database. This method provides increasingly independent methods of working, helping you understand and absorb the material. 

Ready to learn more? Watch a short video that explains how ATPCO’s e-learning is structured to provide effective, interactive, and comprehensive training so you can code with confidence.

More than five decades of experience makes ATPCO uniquely skilled in the nuances and complexities of airline data, technology, and distribution—and uniquely qualified to see what comes next. Our Learning Solutions help you master the technology you need to optimize revenue and transform your business. Visit Learning Solutions to learn more.

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