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Issue 3

The rising value of APIs in a troubled industry

As the travel industry looks for new ways to stretch tech spending for maximum benefit, the value of API technology and its strategic importance can't be overlooked. Learn how the innovative power of APIs is helping the industry to adapt to new market conditions, develop new solutions, and tap into new markets.

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Effective retailing helps fliers decide to travel

In a February 2020 customer survey by ATPCO, 62% of all economy travelers thought that visual content would encourage them to book, versus no visual content. As the airline industry comes to terms with changes in customer priorities, using data and market insights to adapt retailing strategies is a marker for success.

See how Hopper has gained traveler trust through the use of rich content, data, and transparency.

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Broad distribution reach allows the industry to connect their retailing content everywhere it needs to go.

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Interoperable airline distribution is the key

Direct channels get airlines closer to customer shopping behavior, which helps them build offers that resonate. Blending targeted retail offers with newer distribution models—and using elements of traditional models to support the new—means you can add improvements without wasting precious resources.

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