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Issue 7

C-suite chat

More change is coming—and it stretches beyond the effects of the pandemic. Peer into the future with Dave Siegel to prepare for what the next five years may bring.

Peer into the future

American Airlines' retailing journey

Is your airline’s brand promise consistent everywhere your passengers buy tickets? There’s a simple way to make sure they know what on-board experience to expect. Discover how to highlight features where shoppers see them, as well as the unexpected benefit American Airlines found while working with ATPCO.  

Watch American's journey

Decoding airline industry acronyms

Complex industries create their own language, and airline pricing is among the most complex. We’ve decoded hundreds of acronyms that are important to creating and analyzing airline products so you never have to sit through an incomprehensible meeting again.

Raise your airline IQ

Kayak: The better metasearch for differentiated airline offers

Kayak is the first metasearch site to take advantage of the full suite of Routehappy Content. At the end of 2020 Kayak integrated Customized Routehappy Content, and its flight shoppers now benefit from a broad range of targeted information, messaging, and visual content about airline fares, products, and services. 

Read about Kayak's sunny outlook

The sustainable approach to pricing management

The flood of pricing data is only growing, but everyone’s resources are shrinking. LATAM Airlines explains how they are using automation to make and implement smart decisions fast. Learn how to do more with less.

Watch Eduardo explain LATAM's approach


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