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Modern Airline Retailing Attributes

Powering attribute-based flight shopping

Enable flyers to easily shop for the products they want 

ATPCO’s Modern Airline Retailing Attributes data and standards are driving the evolution of shop-by-attribute and comparison shopping. Channels that use ATPCO data and standards to evolve beyond lowest fare, schedule, or single product flight shopping, and enable consumers to shop by attribute, are an integral part of that exciting evolution.  

Modern Airline Retailing Attributes group ATPCO data into searchable properties to provide a reference guide to what each attribute means.

Compete in today’s modern flight shopping market  

Build on the trusted foundation

Modern airline retailing starts with ATPCO. Our reliable data infrastructure is enhanced by visual content for innovative comparison displays. 

Improve customer satisfaction 

Put more power in the hands of your customers. Give them the tools to find and compare the products they want quickly and easily.  

Enhance revenue generation 

Communicate the full value of airline offers, improving conversions and driving upsell.  

Better flight shopping for everyone 

ATPCO’s Modern Airline Retailing Attributes are advancing the industry for airlines, channels, and travelers alike. 

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For airlines

Airlines work hard to differentiate their offers. Shopping by attribute and comparative displays help match the right offer with the right buyer. By filing data for all Modern Airline Retailing Attributes, airlines can ensure their offers show up in search results across all channels. 

For channels

Today’s flight shoppers care about more than just price and schedule. Modern Airline Retailing Attributes standards and ATPCO data provide channels with the foundation to do what they do best: innovate.  

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For travelers

Attribute-based shopping and comparative displays mean that a mother of three in New York can easily choose the perfect flight for her family holiday in Europe with add-ons to keep the children entertained, while a CEO in Singapore can quickly find the flight to a customer in Canada where she can finalize a presentation in a private suite while enjoying a glass of wine. 

Help shape the standard

As the needs of airlines, sales channels, and their customers evolve, so do Modern Airline Retailing Attributes.
Stay plugged in so you can offer feedback on the merchandising attributes you'll need.​


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