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ATPCO | Foundation for modern flight shopping

modern retailing
Enabling modern retailing for the airline industry.

Explore how ATPCO powers your airline data systems:

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We are the airline industry’s primary source for airline merchandising and pricing data.

Whether you’re an airline, system, or channel, we’re developing the solutions that will drive your business forward.

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No matter what your goals may be

we’re building innovative solutions using data, collaboration, scalability, and technology to help you achieve them.


Make informed, strategic decisions to support your revenue management goals and distribute offers to the market, using tools and real time competitive data.​


Reimagine traditional fare-filing with our innovative pricing tool.

Express Contracts

Automate your commercial contract process and go from signed contracts to bookable fares in hours.

Pricing Data

Connect to data from the single, primary source of truth data through the format that meets your needs.


Reach every shopper with data you can trust from one dependable data source. We facilitate the flow of air travel data across the ecosystem, ensuring its consistency by driving and managing its standards.


Creating solutions to unlock and scale the power of New Distribution Capability.


Plug into our unique APIs for accurate, standardized data you can use to feed your systems.


Better showcase and differentiate your airline products and offers while driving conversion and upsells with amenities, modern displays, and visuals. The epitome of show, don’t tell.


Differentiate offers with targeted information, messaging, and visual content.

Modern Airline Retailing Attributes

Power modern flight shopping by enabling fliers to easily shop by the attributes they want.

Order servicing and settlement

Close the gap between your offer creation, order management, and revenue accounting with end-to-end solutions that simplify sales and interline settlement processes so you can maximize revenue with increased accuracy and automation.

Simplify your sales and interline settlement processes to maximizing revenue while increasing automation and data accuracy.  

Ensure orders are reconciled for revenue, taxes, fees, interline agreements, and more to audit and avoid disputes.

Analyze your offer sales with the best reference in the industry and the official ACH settlement tool with 32 years of historical data.  

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