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Pricing Analysis

Real-time intelligent data for real-time intelligent decisions

Make better decisions with data you can rely on

ATPCO analysis tools intelligently gather, monitor, and analyze data in real time, so you can get better insights into competitive offers and market trends and make timely, informed decisions.

Total flexibility

Customize and filter the markets, fare, and fees data you see so you can focus your analysis and make smart pricing decisions without distractions or extra work.

Always competitive

Stay on top of the competition by monitoring pricing action and who’s involved, all in a single-screen view that shows every change with merged fare and rule info.

Unparalleled data

If you need pricing data as soon as it hits the market or going back as far as 29 years so you can make responsive pricing decisions, our data is unmatched in the industry.


MarketView offers the flexibility to view data your way. Whether you want only the lowest fares in a market or the entire fare range, the total product price or all the individual components, you can access it all quickly in a single search with this easy-to-use tool.


MarketView - Service Fees Analysis
Government Filing System (GFS

Government Filing System (GFS)

GFS is the only industry source for historical fares and rules content. It provides a comprehensive current and historical fares database while enabling customized views of only the market changes relevant to you.

Service Fees Analysis

How much would your business grow if you could monitor what your competitors were doing to recoup key operational costs? With ATPCO's Service Fees Analysis, you can do just that—track, monitor, and compare your fuel and credit card surcharges, as well as other ticketing fees, to the competition quickly and easily.




Service Fees Analysis

of reliable fare data


daily fare changes


growth in rules in the last 5 years


growth in fares in the last 5 years


using MarketView

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Manage your fare products
from strategy to settlement