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Simplify your work while scaling your business

When big ideas meet big data, magic happens

With guided access to our unique portfolio of more than 40 APIs, you will be able to ideate, develop, and test new solutions, build exciting new apps, and scale your existing products. You can instantly connect and customize the data you need so you can focus on getting your idea to market. 

NDC Exchange API

Easily obtain offers, orders, and ancillary servicesincluding post-order servicingfor multiple airlines.

Baggage Services API

Access the only recognized source of baggage allowances, charges, carry-on, prepaid, and embargo policies.


Present shelf groupings or a drawer display for priced itineraries with Next Generation Storefront (NGS)TM standards.

Routehappy APIs

Manage and distribute airline rich content from the industry standard—Routehappy.

Experiment with Bridge Labs APIs

Bridge Labs is the place for early-stage start-ups, emerging companies, technology innovators, and airline team players. Harness the power of travel data and bring your transformative ideas to life with these experimental APIs.

Routings Engine

Verifies that a route path is valid for a fare’s routing number.

Fare Rule Merge API

Associates fares with rules and footnotes for specified, constructed, and fare by rule fares in a given market.

Journey Engine

Generates possible routes and itineraries—online, codeshare, or interline—for an origin and destination.

Fares & Rules

Combines all published fares in a market with rule data—an ideal feed for big data problems such as revenue management and fulfillment analysis.

Record 3
Search API

Retrieves ATPCO Record 3 tables and can be used with the Fare Rule Merge API to include rules and footnotes details.

Carrier-Imposed Fees Calculation Engine

Determines matching carrier-imposed fees record sequences and calculates total carrier-imposed fees for given itineraries.

Specified and Constructed Fares API

Creates a list of specified fares and constructed fares for a given market.

Total Price Calendar
Search Engine

Calculates total prices of all fares in a market, with details, for itineraries in a range of travel dates for current or historical sale dates.

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Through our easy-to-navigate portal, you can explore a robust portfolio of more than 40 APIs along with supporting technical documentation.

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