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Press release
08 Jul 20
ACH Selects ATPCO to Build State-of-the-Art Settlement Services System

Deeper partnership for the airline-owned organizations will optimize and streamline settlement services for airlines around the world

Airlines Clearing House (ACH) has selected ATPCO to build its new unified, cloud-hosted settlement services system, enabling ACH to take advantage of microservices architecture so it can easily grow and adapt as the industry changes and new settlement products are created. After a rigorous RFP process, ACH chose ATPCO to further build on their decades-long partnership and keep critical processing within an airline-owned ecosystem. 

ACH put out the RFP call in November 2019, with the settlement service provider for over 400 airlines needing a more efficient, modern platform to provide fast, simple and secure financial settlements in the coming years. While the rebuild of the key infrastructure is designed to streamline settlement even more, it is also future-facing and opens the doors for potential synergies between ATPCO’s revenue accounting services and the ACH settlement process. 

“After much thought and consideration, ACH decided to build on our long-standing partnership with ATPCO. We wanted to select a vendor the industry could trust and that had the expertise to leverage leading-edge technology,” said Lori Tully, Secretary-Treasurer at ACH. “We have a long history of working together with ATPCO to solve issues that affect the industry, and airlines can trust we are keeping their best interests at heart and reducing risks by keeping the work among airline-owned organizations.”

The new Settlement Services System will provide airlines with a better customer experience, new technology and further ability to self-serve that will create more efficiencies. With ACH and ATPCO working together, airlines can be confident that industry standards and governance will be followed, and both parties are continuing work toward new solutions in settlement.

“We are happy to have earned the trust of ACH to deliver efficient, reliable, carrier-focused solutions to the industry, and we are proud to create ground-breaking solutions to serve the changing needs of the industry,” said Rolf Purzer, President and CEO at ATPCO. “ATPCO has a unique position in aviation and understands the complexities of this industry, and we are ready to work hand-in-hand with ACH to ensure settlements are even more efficient, safe and reliable.” 

ATPCO’s Revenue Accounting team—in collaboration with Vizuri, a recognized leader in the innovative use of open-source architecture and cloud computing—has already begun work on the complete rebuild of the new Settlement Services System, slated to be complete mid-2021.  

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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