Monitoring & Analysis – MarketView

The best source of real-time competitive pricing data and the flexibility to view it your way for faster, smarter pricing decisions.

For airline pricing and revenue management teams, ATPCO MarketView is the industry-trusted tool that provides you with the wide-ranging competitive pricing data and market insight in real time to inform winning commercial strategies and pricing decisions.

MarketView offers the flexibility to view data your way, whether you want only the lowest fares in a market or the entire fare range, the total product price or all the individual components, you can access it all quickly in just one search using this easy-to-use tool.

Flexibility to manage the total product the customer sees or the individual parts

A single source of all available public fares, along with the associated rules, footnotes, fees, and taxes that make up the total price

Always timely data for informed pricing decisions

A direct real-time access to the pricing insights on the lowest fares as well as the broader market to keep an entire product line competitive and ready for dynamic inventory changes

Quick start, seamless integration

An affordable tool with minimal ramp-up, no implementation costs, and ability to move quickly from offer monitoring to offer management in one familiar FareManager environment

"Monitoring and Analysis tools bring value to our business"

“It is such a pleasure to collaborate with ATPCO team, who are always so friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. ATPCO’s Monitoring and Analysis tools bring value to our business today and we are looking forward indeed to upcoming enhancements and developments that this team is working on as we expect them to improve our business further.”

Tanja Pritzkoleit, Pricing Manager at Lufthansa German Airlines

"We always make use of MarketView..."

"We always make use of MarketView and the changes are very positive. Apart from YQ/YR information, we are now able to use Market View by Fare to search add-ons in public fares and complete rules information that we could not do before (ie. Day Type)"

Luciane Costa, Pricing Coordinator at Avianca Brazil



Solution Sheet
Market insights for well-informed pricing decisions and a winning commercial strategy

You need convenient access to trustworthy, quality data and you  need  it  now:  base  fare  and  associated  rules,  footnotes,  and  carrier-imposed fees.

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Use Cases
4 ways to leverage Market View by Fare capabilities

Monitor and analyze market conditions and the competitive landscape to make well-informed decisions and identify business opportunities based on a clear understanding of pricing trends and the competitive landscape.


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Blog from Will Linderman, Product Manager

Yankee Queen and Yankee Romeo: A data love story

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RECORDING: How to make MarketView work for you

Watch this 45-min webinar to unlock the power of smart pricing decisions driven by timely and relevant market insights.

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PRESENTATION: How to make MarketView work for you

Download the webinar materials to unlock the power of smart pricing decisions driven by timely and relevant market insights.

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