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Richard Clarke

CEO and Founder, T2RL

Richard has extensive experience in front line PSS negotiations for more than 40 airlines covering multiple business models including full service, hybrid and more recently LCC and ULCC. Richard has more than 30 years of experience in airline technology including direct and indirect distribution.

Richard speaks regularly at conferences and has written for travel publications such as Airline Business and IATA’s Airlines International. Richard has lived in the UK, France, Spain, Thailand, and China. He has a BA in Business Finance and Accounting from Coventry Business School in the UK. 

Articles written by Richard Clarke

ATPCO accelerates its transformation with 3Victors

T2RL's guest blog: ATPCO accelerates its transformation with 3Victors

T2RL’s CEO, Richard Clarke, dives into ATPCO’s acquisition from an outside perspective to discuss what it means for ATPCO and the airline industry.

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