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Meet the authors

Navid Abbassi

Navid’s team provides support in alignment with ATPCO’s technology capabilities and investments with corporate strategy; creates integrated, efficient, and accurate ATPCO platform solutions across ATPCO’s product and technology groups; and helps evolve the corporate strategy based on the changing

Robert Albert

Robert was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Christian Albrespy

Christian brings over 20 years of experience in airline revenue accounting, interline, and process improvement to ATPCO.

Marcos Alsina de Freitas

Marcos has been working in the industry for the last 25 years in several positions within the commercial areas of the airline industry within GDSs and ATPCO.

anand mishra headshot
Vice President of Technology

Anand Mishra, VP of Technology, has over 25 years of experience in the software technology industry.

Megan Beardsley

Megan was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Kaylee Beattie

As Content & Copy Strategist, Kaylee collaborates with teams across ATPCO to enable the delivery of content strategy while bringing product and company stories to life with compelling and engaging copy.

rashmi bhankhede headshot
Senior Director, Data Technology

As Senior Director of Data Technology at ATPCO, Rashmi leads the development and delivery of innovative and scalable data solutions that support the travel industry.

Jay Brawley

Jay was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Joanna Bryant

Joanna has been with ATPCO since 1986 and currently is the Director of Customer Service. She has an extensive background in all aspects of Customer Service with oversight of support teams in three offices, Washington, London, and Singapore.

Sophie Carkeek

Sophie works with airline clients to create accurate, relevant, and inspiring merchandising content that captures the uniqueness of each airline’s brand.

Chandra Chukka

Over the past 14 years I have enjoyed working in different domains and with multiple technologies that have enabled me to understand and solve many critical business problems.

richard clarke headshot
CEO and Founder, T2RL

Richard has extensive experience in front line PSS negotiations for more than 40 airlines covering multiple business models including full service, hybrid and more recently LCC and ULCC.

Joelle Cuvelier

Joelle Cuvelier is the Head of Airline Solutions for the Americas region at Amadeus and has over 30 years of experience in the airline industry.

Her background involves positions at airlines, system providers, and industry organizations.

Brad Damman
Product Marketing Strategist

Brad’s career in marketing and the travel industry began all at once in 2021 after interning at ATPCO.

darie dreptate headshot
Director, Product

Darie is leading the Routehappy and Merchandising product portfolio at ATPCO. He has a vast experience in lean product development and is obsessively aiming to decrease time to value.

He is passionate about Web3 potential and how it can transform the airline industry.

Isha Edwards

Isha was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Lynsey Fadul

Lynsey was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Fred was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Fred was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Marcelo was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Marcelo was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Evaline Gamage

Evaline works on ATPCO's Channel Retailing Team to support sales channels with their Routehappy Content and NDC Exchange integrations.

Luis Gaspar

Luis was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Estefania Giordani

Estefania was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Darrin Grafton

Darrin has 25 years' experience in travel technology and is highly experienced in technology commercialization. Darrin was awarded the NZX Hi-Tech Entrepreneur Award and finalist for the NZ Hi-Tech Company Leader Award in 2007.

Tom Gregorson
Chief Strategy Officer

For over 25 years, Tom has been working to develop products that enhance the travel industry.

Throughout his career, he has gained insight and provided leadership through his various roles at airlines and global distribution systems, and with ATPCO since 1996.

Megan Humphries

As Global Head of Corporate Communications, Megan develops actionable strategies to elevate ATPCO and drive increased engagement with media, customers, and employees.

David was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

David was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Harman Kapoor

Harman Kapoor heads Information Security at ATPCO.

Rich Kassner

Rich works in an area that collaborates across all divisions and product teams to provide the shared services of product strategy, design, and operations.

Lisa Kos

Lisa has 20+ years of experience spanning technology and design projects. She’s no stranger to travel tech and is currently the Product Manager of Routehappy APIs.

Lisa is a travel enthusiast and has visited more than 50 countries.

karin kron headshot
Principal Standards Specialist

Karin has 30+ years of experience in the travel industry. She has worked in four different countries, serving in multiple roles at various airlines and a system provider before joining ATPCO in 2019.

Sam Lau

Sam has worked with ATPCO for 22 years and in various segments of the industry for the past 34 years.

Before joining ATPCO, he led a strategic business unit for SITA and was responsible for expanding its presence and product portfolios for airline customers in Asia.

Ellen Lee
Ellen brings more than 20 years of experience in airlines and hospitality to ATPCO.
Will Linderman

Will is a travel industry enthusiast and airline pricing expert with over 15 years of airline industry experience. His expertise include revenue management, airline pricing and competitive business intelligence.

Harry Mellon

Harry is a U.S. Navy veteran with over 30 years’ experience in the design, development, and implementation of training programs for a variety of industries including the military, hospitality, medical, technology, and aviation.

Sharon Mickelson

Sharon Mickelson has over 30 years of industry experience and currently leads the distribution strategy of fares and rules worldwide for Delta Air Lines within Revenue Management.

David was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

David was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Chris Phillips

Chris joined ATPCO in 2019. Leveraging more than 30 years of commercial airline and consulting experience, he assists ATPCO’s partners in achieving their financial objectives by optimizing their use of the ATPCO solution suite.

Rolf is a former President and CEO at ATPCO.

Rolf is a former President and CEO at ATPCO.

Jason Rabinowitz

Jason joined ATPCO from Routehappy and leads the Amenities product for ATPCO's Airline Retailing team, focusing on building out and maintaining airline Amenities data for all aircraft across 400+ airlines.

Eloise has over 30 years of extensive experience with leading innovative solutions, implementation and adoption of many different types of ATPCO products.

Natasha Safronova

Natasha was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

rob schorn headshot
Product Director, Offer  Creation

Rob leads a talented team helping airlines adapt to evolving customer expectations. They are devoted to giving airlines the power to efficiently leverage ATPCO pricing content to achieve increased benefits from customized offers without disrupting current revenue flows.

Doug Sharpe

A transformational leader and advocate for simplicity, Doug Sharpe has over 20 years of experience in air travel, spanning technology, product, marketing, business development and sales.

Alexander Shartsis

Mr. Shartsis is cofounder and CEO of Perfect Price, an artificial intelligence (AI) company empowering companies to make better decisions about pricing.

Siobhan Sheehan

During her 20 years as Editor at ATPCO, Siobhan has been defending the right of airline industry professionals to be communicated with in simple language.

David Smith
Product Director, Airline Offer Distribution

As Product Director, Airline Offer Distribution, David has 28 years of experience working in the airline industry in the travel distribution ecosystem.

Alex Snape

As a senior content strategist, Alex works with airline clients to create accurate, relevant, and inspiring merchandising content that captures the uniqueness of each airline’s brand.

angela sultana headshot
Vice President, Global Marketing

Before joining ATPCO as Vice President, Global Marketing, Angela was Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy for a fintech company.

Beth Taylor

Beth was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Bryan Trauger

For more than 17 years, Bryan has worked with ATPCO's Product Development and Marketing teams, specializing in data distribution, automated reissues and refunds, and historical and alternate general rules.

Ulyana was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Ulyana was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

Ludo Verheggen is the Director of Global Air Content Adoption Strategy in Amadeus’ Travel Channels division and responsible for defining and maximizing the adoption of the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Scott Ward

Scott joined CTM’s Queensland office as the Head of Client Management in 2011 and quickly established himself as someone dedicated to delivering results that were both positive and provided a real impact.

Graham Wareham

Graham has over 20 years of experience in the airline industry, including more than five years with ATPCO. His most recent experience as an aviation executive included strategic development, cost/revenue management, and market analysis.

Betsie White

Betsie is a marketing, sales, and business development executive with a wealth of experience in the airline and travel industry.

Zachary Wynne

Zach has 10 years of experience leading airline commercial transformation projects with over 40 airlines on all six continents.

Emma Yarusinky

Emma was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

alex zoghlin headshot
President & CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur and innovator, Alex brings more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in technology, airline distribution, and travel to ATPCO.