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Sophie Carkeek

Sophie Carkeek

Sophie works with airline clients to create accurate, relevant, and inspiring merchandising content that captures the uniqueness of each airline’s brand.

She focuses on delivering quality digital messaging and visuals that enhance the flight shopping experience by providing customers with highly targeted information about the exact product that they’re buying.

Sophie is an experienced writer with an adventurous spirit. Born and raised in the UK, she has lived and worked in various countries, speaks several languages, and now calls New Jersey home.

Articles written by Sophie Carkeek


Airlines spoke, KAYAK listened

KAYAK is one of the first metasearch engines for airline content to take full advantage of the full suite of Routehappy content.

Top 7 tips for communicating to air travelers in 2021...and beyond

Stop guessing what flight shoppers are thinking! Communicate with your customers using up-to-date insights from the Routehappy Content Traveler Survey 2021

The two-part process to optimizing your airline’s direct channel

How ATPCO helps airline direct channels earn customer satisfaction and revenue benefits from targeted, dynamic, and innovative retailing content.

Retailing for recovery: Messaging do's and don'ts

Retailing for recovery: Messaging do's and don'ts

How can we work together to prepare customers for the new requirements placed on us all, without overwhelming them logistically or emotionally?

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