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The two-part process to optimizing your airline’s direct channel

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Every airline wants a clear and stress-free experience for their travelers, but making that happen can be tortuous. There’s a better way. In this interview, ATPCO’s Airline Integrations Manager Ananya Dam explains her service-oriented approach to smoothing the path for airlines. With the help of services from ATPCO, airline direct channels can reap the customer satisfaction and revenue benefits from targeted, dynamic, and innovative retailing content.

Integrating more personalized content throughout an airline’s direct booking channel leads to richer shopping experiences

Retailing with dynamic content, which is relatively new territory for many airlines, is the future. It is also increasingly the present, especially at a time when content and messaging need to change at speed, as has been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ananya has previously assisted third party channels such as Sabre, Amadeus, and Travix to integrate ATPCO’s Routehappy Content into their shopping platforms. Inspired by these successes, she explains how ATPCO’s Retailing team is also helping airlines rethink and enrich their direct channels to create more customer-friendly, transparent shopping experiences to optimize conversion, upsell, and ancillary sales.

Improving the shopping experience boosts conversion and customer loyalty

Put bluntly, a more transparent flight shopping experience for travelers translates into a positive return on your investment. For example, in 2020 LATAM launched its revamped direct booking channel that features Routehappy Content. Within weeks, they observed a double-digit percent increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS), a 3% increase in conversion rate, and a 60% faster purchase time.

ATPCO makes direct integrations easy for airlines

In this video interview, Ananya describes how ATPCO makes it easy for airlines to integrate dynamic airline content thanks to ATPCO‘s services:

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  • Content creation
  • Targeting content to the correct flight (by cabin, fare brand, subfleet, route, time of day)
  • User experience strategy
  • Product integration

Proof positive: Gulf Air’s partnership leads to exponential improvement

In this clip, Ananya walks you through Gulf Air’s live booking flow on The site features all three Routehappy Content product types: Universal Product Attributes (UPAs), Amenities, and Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs).

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  • Gulf Air’s UPA carousel includes COVID-19 reassurance messaging and visuals, as well as a UPA highlighting the meal service’s locally sourced fresh food. Ananya demonstrates how content accurately portrays the flight experience according to cabin class, route, subfleet, time of day, and more.
  • UTAs are shown with each of Gulf Air’s new branded fares: Light, Flex, and Smart. The display provides a modern experience that empowers the flight shopper to make an informed decision and promote upsell.

“Working directly with ATPCO’s Retailing team has been a great experience; we have had the full support of their experts in many joint design sessions and believe the initial integration will make our customers’ flight shopping experience exponentially better,” said Christopher Binnion, Senior Manager Revenue Management at Gulf Air.

Find out how to transform your direct channel user experience with Routehappy Content by contacting our Global Sales team today.


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