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Seeing is believing: Visualize Branded Fares with Premium UPAs

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When travelers are shopping for flights, they want to see what they’re purchasing so they know what to expect when they get to the airport and onto the airplane—whether that’s a luxury lounge experience or a window seat.

Airlines use ATPCO’s Routehappy content types to communicate the experience flight shoppers can expect. Amenities inform travelers what they will find when they fly on certain aircraft.

UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) communicate the ancillary and optional services included in their fare. This way travelers can get clear information about the flight they will be on and the ticket they are purchasing.

With the increasing relevance of Branded Fares as the standard for bundling ancillaries and optional services to create upsell opportunities, airlines at the forefront of modern airline merchandising are using Premium UPAs to communicate the value of these higher fare classes. For these airlines, this means the fare offerings they have carefully crafted can now also be clearly represented with photos, videos, and more, giving flight shoppers an understanding of the benefits of upgrading or selecting a more expensive and extensive offer.

How do airlines use Branded Fares?

By grouping a fare with certain attributes or offers, and then providing a few of these branded options, airlines can make it easier for a family traveling together to find the extras they need, or a business traveler to pick out the most comfortable journey. Airlines of all kinds have used ATPCO’s Branded Fares to create upsell opportunities within a single cabin and clearly represent differences between cabins.

With Premium UPAs, your airline can create visual content for your Branded Fares, allowing customers to get the full picture of your product and offer, driving upsell and increasing conversion. Let’s break down what this means for you and why it’s a necessary step toward creating the flight shopping experience that your customers expect.

Premium UPAs + Branded Fares = Visualizing even more airline offers

Combining Routehappy’s Premium UPAs with Branded Fares creates an enhanced experience for flight shoppers. Here’s how it works:

  • Premium UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) add targeted messaging, images, videos, and cabin tours that clearly visualize the differences between airline offers. UPAs visually describe and showcase airline products and services.
  • Branded Fares is the grouping of fare attributes to create distinct products that clearly convey what is included in an offer. Branded Fares allow airlines to clearly present what is and what is not included in a given fare, allowing flight shoppers to easily make informed purchases with the fare that best suits their needs.

With these two powerful tools working together, your airline can visually merchandise exactly what is included in an offer and allow flight shoppers to easily understand offer differences and encourage upsell.

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UPAs that describe Branded Fares can be grouped into two distinct categories:


branded fares upsell


Utilizing these two categories to present shoppers with offers at different points in the shopping flow, airlines can maximize revenue opportunities and move the industry toward modern airline retailing.

How do UPAs that describe Branded Fares deliver enhanced value?

UPAs differentiate offers, allowing you to stand out from the competition while driving conversion, increasing upsell, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Branded Fares help ensure your offers appear in attribute-based searches, enhance revenue opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction. With these two powerhouse tools working together, the value UPAs unlock cannot be understated.

Increasing the scope of UPAs allows your airline to more precisely match visual merchandising content to different audience segments. Effectively presenting your offers to the right customer at the right time is key to unlocking modern airline retailing. Research has shown that today’s flight shoppers want to see visuals and images during their search, and UPAs deliver on this expectation.

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Don’t wait, start your modern airline retailing journey today

The ability to target Premium UPAs to Branded Fares can open countless doors to new revenue opportunities through enhanced upsell, higher conversion rates, and improved customer satisfaction. Start giving your flight shoppers the offers they want, when they want them, and with the visuals they’re craving.

If you’re an airline interested in creating this content or a channel interested in integrating, contact ATPCO to get started.

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