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Embracing 2021 with excitement and opportunity

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To my industry colleagues,

We all know the excitement that comes with that feeling of starting something new—a new job, a new chapter, a new year. As I began my first week as President and CEO of ATPCO, I had the sense I was starting career-defining work. Work that is motivated by the value added rather than the profit maximized—a job that, if done right, will drive success for the entire airline community and help us all get back on our feet. This is work that ties together my passion for technology transformation and my deep love for the airline industry.

Coming into ATPCO with fresh eyes, I have a profound sense of respect for what our community has endured, and I see clearly that 2021 will be a year of opportunities for airlines and their partners. I also see the allure of travel as a universal truth; we know passengers want to start, and have started, flying again. Our industry is working hard to accelerate that process, building and adapting solutions that help the industry deliver what’s necessary for consumers to confidently shop, book, and enjoy the experience of travel.

Efficient innovation will be critical to industry recovery, and I see ATPCO at the foundation of that process. The challenges and opportunities ahead are equally exciting for me.


We will emerge as a smaller industry.

Current estimates from IATA suggest we won’t see 2019 levels of profitability until 2024. With this in mind, ATPCO’s responsibility is to help the industry save money, expand revenue opportunities, and build industry solutions that deliver demonstrable ROI for everyone.

To innovate at speed, it needs to be easier for the ecosystem to leverage airline data.

It’s imperative we continue investing in flexible infrastructure, common industry data standards, and platforms that empower development. It must be easy and seamless for the industry to work with ATPCO, and we must lower the barriers to entry.

Don’t lose sight of who we all work for: The traveler.

Listening to the market and understanding changes in buying behaviors and consumer demand is key to unlocking new and scalable industry solutions that exceed expectations.


Think and operate like a tech company within the airline industry.

ATPCO will help reduce the complexity and costs of shifting to new technologies, while meeting the digital-first demands of how customers want to do business with us.

Develop standards in the context of how they are used and implemented.

As an industry organization, ATPCO plays a leading role in how standards are defined, applied, and implemented by airlines and sales channels. When built with our partners in mind, industry standards should reduce friction and cost, as well as speed up production efforts for everyone.

Co-innovate across the industry community.

ATPCO will continue to nurture and invest in open dialogue and collaboration throughout the industry. With deep industry knowledge and capability, ATPCO can make it simple to work across airlines, systems, channels, and technology partners to drive industry advancements in air travel. We must remain accessible to all and push boundaries to create a new degree of connectivity.

These are just a few of my early thoughts as I begin my journey with the industry's foundation for flight shopping.

I’m honored to be ATPCO’s new President and CEO, especially at such a pivotal point. I firmly believe we’re in this together and that the ATPCO community is as strong as it is because of you. I look forward to meeting you soon.




Alex Zoghlin, President and CEO


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About Alex Zoghlin

A lifelong entrepreneur and innovator, Alex brings more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in technology, airline distribution, and travel to ATPCO.

He founded six startups, including Orbitz and G2Switchworks, before serving as Executive Vice President, Global Head of Strategy, Innovation, and Technology at Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

He brings his business acumen and experiences from the hospitality world to concepts the airline industry can use, such as addressing digital booking flows, digital display, unstructured datasets, and dynamic pricing.

When not working, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters, making music, building rockets, and learning new things.