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Get connected. Get noticed. Stay happy.

Routehappy creates an industry standard for airline content, unlocking the value of fare and ancillary data.

It’s time for airlines to get noticed in a sea of price points. It’s time for travelers to have a more transparent shopping experience when booking a flight.

It was only natural that the industry’s trusted single source of airline pricing data would integrate content for flight shopping. ATPCO’s acquisition of Routehappy creates an industry standard for airline content, unlocking the value of fare and ancillary data.

Simply put, it’s a win-win. Airlines and travel sellers can enrich their fares, ancillaries and offers with airline content, such as videos and photos. Travelers can see the differences between flight options and the value they’re getting for different flight experiences. It is a happy route for all—but how do we all get there?

Get connected

As the New Distribution Capability (NDC) model continues to gain prominence, airlines and travel sellers are looking for new ways to communicate and exchange airfare data and products directly. But they can’t afford to waste resources on building every single connection they need. Instead, a smart connection can help them offer consistent products everywhere.  That’s where NDC Exchange comes in.

Connect to NDC Exchange, the community-driven marketplace for airlines and travel sellers who want to manage business directly. The solution is developed and hosted by airline-owned and trusted industry partners ATPCO and SITA, and it serves as a neutral hub connecting airlines and travel sellers in a cloud-based, scalable environment. NDC Exchange enables communication between pre-NDC and NDC platforms, powering cost savings for airlines and sellers.

Get noticed

Once those smart connections are in place and NDC Exchange unlocks the full breadth of airline products, airlines and sellers need to find their travelers. Adding hyper-targeted Routehappy content; Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) and Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs) to the mix means airlines can differentiate their products, stand out from the competition, and get noticed by consumers. UPAs provide relevant media to describe an airline’s product and services by aircraft type, cabin, time of day, and more. UTAs provide easy-to-understand benefits and restrictions by fare.

The idea is to give airlines the ability to tell their brand story and enable them to offer travelers a personalized retail experience that is unique to their brand. This is where the integration with Routehappy content will make a huge difference. Rich content is a digital form of product promotion where advanced features like video and images encourage shoppers to interact and engage with the airline brand, building an emotional connection and shopping preferences.

When all the airline content elements are distributed via a single source, NDC Exchange, industry players can solve many of the challenges that they encounter in delivering consistent messaging, branding, and merchandising through multiple distribution channels.

Stay happy!

It’s time for the industry to take distribution to the next level—and keep consumers happy.

Even though we won’t see all the changes tomorrow, airlines and travel sellers are right now getting on board with NDC technology and moving the industry forward.

Get connected to the community-driven marketplace. Get noticed by differentiating your product and keep consumers happy.

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