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How Serko uses New Distribution Capability to make business travel personal

Serko and New Distribution Capability (NDC)

If you are a travel enthusiast like me, the idea of squeezing a vacation between two business trips sounds pretty appealing. You know what doesn’t? Booking the extras, managing flight changes, reconciling the receipts, and sorting them by business or pleasure. Not my favorite.

Business travelers have to keep business and pleasure travel distinctly separate, and we deserve a business travel experience that is a pleasure.

Creative thinkers in the travel industry are making business travel significantly easier so they can satisfy growing consumer demand and expectations. Where are we heading? A seamless, user-friendly experience that organizes every aspect of a trip with a few taps on your phone. 

As a consumer, I am very pleased to see how the travel industry is evolving and new solutions are built to take the burden of keeping and managing this distinct line. 

To solve this problem, remarkable work has been done by our customer, Serko, who is one of the leading travel and expense technology companies.

Founded in 2007, Serko is driven by the idea of making corporate travel feel less like hard work and have developed a solution, Zeno, to do just that. Zeno is an online booking tool that uses intelligent technology, and predictive workflows to create better experience for corporate travel.

This solution aims to make it easy to capture and process expenses on the go while simplifying every step of the process - from booking a trip to managing a change and reconciling invoices. 

Behind the scenes of a solution like Zeno

To be able to provide this seamless experience to the consumer, Serko brings together travel content for the entire trip (hotels, flights, cars, etc.) into a single screen itinerary.  

When it comes to the airline pricing content – that’s where ATPCO comes into play. Being the neutral partner at the heart of airline distribution, we connect airlines and channels via a single API, NDC

NDC was developed by ATPCO and SITA to accelerate the adoption of IATA’s NDC standards, connecting all industry members, and creating one community-driven marketplace. 

Zeno is connected to NDC, which makes it possible for Serko to broaden their reach and get access to more fare-related content, including rich media, branded fares and in-flight amenities. 

Choose a route to the future

Whether you’re just getting started on NDC, looking to use our NDC API to future-proof your solution, or exploring airline content, we can help.

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