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The most complete data source for your pricing decisions, presented in flexible and modern displays

Competitive monitoring for airline fare management  

Available to Community Participants, MarketView is an uncomplicated decision support system built to give your airline a snapshot of your competitive markets.

Connected to the industry’s trusted source for airline pricing data, MarketView enables your airline to make informed decisions based on market activity. If you aim to stay competitive while saving time and resources, – then MarketView is right for you.  

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Be more competitive with smart and timely decisions

Stay in the know

Monitor market changes by instantly viewing rule or footnote changes and the fares they affect. 

Access the most trustworthy data 

Make accurate pricing decisions by evaluating the net impact to market conditions based on all elements of the fare-related changes.

Increase efficiency

Eliminate redundant manual workflows, enable quick retrieval of saved queries, and download results for robust reporting and deeper custom analysis. 

Key features  


Monitor the competition

Set it and forget it. Create email alerts to notify you in real time when competitive action is happening in your markets. Stay in the know when your competition makes changes to their fares, rules, footnotes, and carrier-imposed fees and react according to your pricing strategies.

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monitor the competition
gain access to the most complete data sets


Gain access to the most complete data sets 

The first and only tool for monitoring carrier-imposed (YQ/YR) fees, MarketView is a single source of all available public fares and your own private and fare by rule data, along with associated rules, footnotes, fees, surcharges, and taxes that make up the total price.  

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Work smarter not harder

Leverage tools like user-defined groups of markets and carriers, saved searches, and downloadable results to save time and optimize your workflow.

work smarter not harder

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MarketView overview

Learn about the benefits of the decision support tool

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Discover the key features of MarketView

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MarketView use cases

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