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Airline Industry Standards

Build it right. Stay confident.

We help set standards to support the airline industry’s ideas

We bring the industry together to continuously develop standards and refine governance. Whether it's building a direct-connect marketplace for NDC, structuring rich content, or constructing mechanisms for dynamic pricing, we help set the standards that support the industry’s ideas.

ATPCO has been leading the development and management of the standards behind automated pricing for decades. We maintain and govern an industry-approved, comprehensive set of instructions for the structure of pricing data and how it applies, currently known as Data Application. 

Data Application provides the details of the data processing logic and is a guiding star for business and IT teams throughout the entire ecosystem. 

We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the bottom line

  • Eliminate roadblocks to implementation and adoption of new enhancements across the industry 
  • Provide access to expertise and support on data processing 
  • Ensure consistent and accurate pricing results
  • Enable airlines to accurately convey pricing strategy and bring offers to life

Want to help shape the future of airline industry?

Join industry forums where we collaborate to define automated solutions and standards