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31 Oct 19
ATPCO Signs Multi-Year Retailing Deal with KAYAK to Integrate Routehappy Rich Content
New agreement provides full access to Amenities, UTAs, and UPAs for KAYAK’s portfolio of brands

DULLES, VA – 31 October 2019 – ATPCO today announced that KAYAK has signed a multi-year retailing deal with the company to integrate all three Routehappy Rich Content types: Amenities, Universal Ticket Attributes (UTA), and Universal Product Attributes (UPA) for KAYAK’s portfolio of travel brands. The content integration will help KAYAK further enhance its flight shopping displays so its customers better understand the available choices when looking for a flight.

KAYAK will integrate Amenities and UTAs across its travel brands to display amenities like Wi-Fi, USB outlets, in-flight entertainment and food in its flight search results. Additionally, the UTA integration will result in an updated display that will help travelers better understand the benefits and restrictions that typically come with the purchase of a ticket. This may include seat selection, cancellations and flight changes and a more visual display with a UPA integration including photos, videos and 360 tours of the aircraft.

“We want our users to have the best possible information to evaluate flights,” said Debby Soo, Chief Commercial Officer at KAYAK. “Routehappy makes it easy for our partners to merchandise their offers and, in turn, for travelers to make the perfect choice.” 

KAYAK’s decision to move forward with ATPCO’s Routehappy Rich Content follows an earlier integration between the companies, and stems from the need for more high quality product and fare content as more airlines move toward unbundling their offerings.

“Creating and distributing high quality, comprehensive rich content is hard. Our Retailing teams are constantly looking at trends, monitoring fleet changes, and working directly with airlines to keep the content relevant and fresh. Having KAYAK back on board is a testament to that commitment and we’re delighted that KAYAK has put its trust in us to deliver content that matters to their customers,” said Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer at ATPCO. “The days of just using price and schedule to make flight shopping decisions are over.”

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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