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ATPCO and ACH partner to optimize settlement services

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ATPCO and Airlines Clearing House (ACH) are building on their long-standing partnership to deliver critical services to the airline industry. Through a rigorous RFP process, ACH chose ATPCO to build a new, state-of-the-art settlement services system. A more efficient, modern platform using leading-edge technology will enable ACH to offer the same trusted, reliable settlement services they are known for, easily grow and adapt to industry changes, and offer new settlement products when the opportunity arises. 

Two airline-owned companies are better than one
ACH provides settlement services for over 400 airlines, airports, and aviation-related companies, and clears over USD 14 billion in financial transactions annually. They selected ATPCO for this critical role for several strategic reasons. We’re both airline-owned organizations, so airlines can trust that we have their best interests at heart. We substantially reduce risk by keeping critical processing within an industry-owned ecosystem. We have decades of experience and understand the complexities inherent to the travel industry. And, we can leverage ATPCO’s industry-leading technology and data security to ensure settlements are efficient, safe, and reliable. 

A successful track record
Experience has shown that we’re stronger when we all work together for the greater good. From building and hosting PIPPS, the ACH standard proration engine, to leveraging ISR to power the ACH Simplified Involuntary Reroute Settlement (SIRS) product, ATPCO has a long history of working together with ACH to solve issues that affect the industry. 

Interline invoice rejections caused by prorate and involuntary reroute amounts are one of the bigger problems airlines face. PIPPS and SIRS both address those challenges, but from different angles. PIPPS sets agreed-to proration values and SIRS calculates agreed-to involuntary reroute pricing. For ACH members using the two services, all those prorate and reroute rejections are eliminated and settlement is streamlined.

Partnering for the future
The new ACH settlement services platform is being designed to streamline settlement even more. It is an investment in the future of the industry and opens doors for potential synergies between the ATPCO revenue accounting services and the ACH settlement process. Together, we are excited to create ground-breaking solutions to serve the changing needs of the industry. 

In it for the long haul
We are proud to have earned our partners’ trust and confidence in delivering efficient, reliable, carrier-focused solutions. The ACH project, which is expected to be completed by mid-2021, is being run by ATPCO's Revenue Accounting team in collaboration with Vizuri, a recognized leader in the innovative use of open-source architecture and cloud computing.

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Christian Albrespy

About Christian Albrespy

Christian brings over 20 years of experience in airline revenue accounting, interline, and process improvement to ATPCO.

Since taking over the revenue accounting portfolio in 2017, Christian integrated Taxes in 2019, allowing ATPCO to build the Automated Tax Reference and close the current gaps between the Distribution and the Settlement process.

He’s dedicated to creating a new standard in revenue accounting that will lower rejections, closing gaps in the interline fare life cycle, and supporting NDC (New Distribution Capability). His goal is to support his Revenue Accounting airline colleagues in their journey to generate immediate savings, particularly important during this recovery period.