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New UTAs make unlocking baggage policies easier for sales channels

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Our new UTAs mean you’re now receiving data from hundreds more airlines. ATPCO has expanded its coverage for Checked and Carry-on Baggage UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) from 140 to over 400 airlines by connecting airline baggage filings in ATPCO Optional Services to the Routehappy UTA API. 

The UTA API is now powered by more robust, comprehensive baggage content including rules for allowances, charges, size and weight limits.

Clear and simple baggage content for all 
Consistently displaying the hundreds of different and complex baggage policy rules that airlines file can be a challenge for sales channels. And for travelers these days, selecting which bags to pack requires an encyclopedic knowledge of each airline’s baggage policy. 

For infrequent travelers, clear baggage content can mean the difference between a good travel experience and one that includes unexpected costs or a stressful check-in. Even frequent flyers who are loyal to certain carriers can be tripped up if they switch airline without understanding that standard allowances vary. 

Integrating the new baggage UTAs 
The new easy-to-read content provides rapid access to the following baggage information: 
•    First and second baggage policy criteria with allowances
•    Charge fee amounts
•    A policy summary description for headline
•    Size and weight limits
•    All carry-on requirements

It can be displayed across diverse platforms at whatever point during the booking flow you determine to be the most effective.

Many channels that display Routehappy Content are actively integrating this new content and the new baggage UTAs are already flowing through the API. 

Support whenever you need it
Whenever you need us, the ATPCO Retailing team can support sales channels as a strategic partner by helping you assess the best ways to use the new baggage content. We can also walk you through the simple steps to integrate the baggage content into channel booking platforms. 

To learn more, please contact ATPCO’s Retailing Team.   

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Evaline Gamage

About Evaline Gamage

Evaline works on ATPCO's Channel Retailing Team to support sales channels with their Routehappy Content and NDC Exchange integrations. She works closely with the Airline Retailing and Product teams to ensure content is industry leading and continually evolves to improve the flight shopping experience.

She brings a wealth of experience of over 15 years inside and outside the airline industry with positions in strategy, marketing, pricing and revenue management.

She is an avid traveler and passionate about enabling airlines and channels to flourish in this ever-changing world.