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What is a Routehappy Premium UPA?

Flight shopping is shifting into a more modern world as more and more airlines opt for creating visual shopping experiences for consumers. With visuals, images, and videos in high demand, more than 45 airlines and 39 sales channels have turned to ATPCO’s Routehappy Premium UPAs to deliver booking experiences with visuals that entice purchasing across all different types of consumers.  

One content type can deliver flight shopping experiences full of the informative images, visuals, and videos consumers are looking for today: Routehappy Premium UPAs.

What is a Routehappy Premium UPA?

A Universal Product Attribute—better known as a UPA—is one type of Routehappy content. UPAs describe an airline’s fares, products, and services with visual messaging, images, videos, and cabin tours.  

UPAs increase conversion and drive upsell by bringing airline offers to life and clearly visualizing the differences between offers.

UPA content can be precisely targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, delivering flight shoppers the information they need to more confidently and comfortably make purchase decisions.

What’s the difference between Seat Infographic UPAs and Premium UPAs?

With Routehappy, there are Premium UPAs and Seat Infographic UPAs. Here’s the difference between the two:

About 20% of tickets and orders are changed or refunded
  • Premium UPAs are far more detailed and use real imagery and real people to visually convey in-depth information about the flight experience. They incorporate images, videos, cabin tours, and 360-degree images that can be precisely targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more. They allow airlines to showcase the differences between fares, products, and services while accurately representing their unique brand. Already, 46 airlines have begun realizing the benefits of Premium UPAs

    About 20% of tickets and orders are changed or refunded

  • A Seat Infographic UPA is a basic infographic that shows simple visualizations and messaging for specific seat products. These graphics allow flyers to know what to expect while on board when it comes to seat width and pitch, leg room, reclining, and more. They use basic illustrations to visually communicate these features. Any airline that is an ATPCO Community Participation member automatically receives these UPAs as a benefit of the membership. Over 99% of flights use Seat Infographic UPAs.  

Benefits of Routehappy Premium UPAs

The possibilities and benefits of implementing Premium UPAs into your merchandising are practically endless. Here are just a few:

  • Create in-demand shopping experiences for flight shoppers by providing visual content. ATPCO’s annual flight shopper survey has proved repeatedly that consumers want to see exactly what they’re purchasing before they buy a flight. Hundreds of flight shoppers were surveyed and 83% prefer to see images of the aircraft and amenities that feature real life passengers.
  • Show off unique aspects of different airline offers by giving you the tools to display what stands out. Airlines work hard to have different offers that appeal to different consumers, so why not use a tool that clearly, consistently, and visually represents and highlights each of your unique brands?
  • Increase upselling and upgrading of more offers and products by empowering consumers to make confident purchase decisions. When 91% of flight shoppers want to purchase extras like seat selection, extra legroom, or carry-ons, and 70% state they are more likely to upgrade from basic economy to economy if they were presented with visual images of the offer, giving a consumer the ability to visualize all the features and benefits of what they could possibly add to the purchase is a must.  
  • Generate more highly satisfied customers because there are fewer surprises when they step on board the aircraft. By showing a flight shopper exactly what they are getting, from the type of seat to in-flight entertainment, expectations can be managed and set, leading to more highly satisfying experiences (hello, loyalty!).

Connie Chung, Senior Director of Product Management for Air at Expedia Group put the benefits of Premium UPAs like this:  

“In Q4 2023, Expedia Group launched Routehappy Premium UPA content on our Expedia branded mobile app seat maps. This use case is innovative, new, and demonstrated an excellent use of Routehappy content to merchandise airline offers. By providing Premium UPAs on our platform, we can provide better experiences for our travelers and stronger outcomes for our partners.”

Want to discover more about what today’s flight shoppers are looking for? Download our 2024 flight shoppers survey report

How to get started with Routehappy Premium UPAs

Already an ATPCO Community Participant? If you’re already a member, you already have access to Seat Infographic UPAs. When you’re ready to take the next step, simply reach out to your account representative to get started with Premium UPAs.

If your airline or channel is not using Routehappy, join the Routehappy community today! Simply get in contact with our team to start your modern airline retailing journey. 

Contact a Routehappy expert to get started

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