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PSNGR1 gets on board with New Distribution Capablity to improve corporate travel booking


Imagine you’re told there’s a conference coming up and your boss wants you to attend. Immediately, you refresh your memory on your company’s corporate travel policy and start to look for airfare. The problem is, you must go to multiple sites to find all this information. Not only is this time consuming, but it’s also a nuisance. You think to yourself, why can’t everything I need be on one site? 

New Distribution Capability is complex, but it doesn’t have to be. 

One of the biggest reasons travelers have a difficult time finding affordable, comprehensive travel from one source is a lack of distribution data. Airlines and travel sellers need to go to multiple sources, gather all relevant information, and distribute that information in order to provide all-inclusive travel data. It’s time consuming and, frankly, difficult. 

Realizing this pain point, ATPCO, in partnership with SITA, is creating the solution. 

Airlines and travel sellers who want to create offers and distribute them directly to consumers can turn to New Distribution Capability (NDC), the only neutral hub connecting offers from airlines and travel sellers in a cloud-based, scalable environment. 

Delivering products and solutions for customer demands requires airlines and travel sellers to innovate faster and smarter to stay competitive and maximize revenue streams. Travelers want a shopping experience that is customized and differentiated by the options they value—whether that’s cost, upgrades, or travel time. NDC removes the complexity from various messaging standards and versions, creating infinite opportunities to transfer and exchange customized offers.
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When smart ideas meet easy solutions

Chris Moss, founder of PSNGR1, saw an opportunity to improve the corporate travel booking experience for travelers. Because many of the distribution systems he initially found were outdated, travel booking tools were unable to provide their full product suite to shoppers. When he found NDC, everything changed. 

PSNGR1 was created to deliver integrated travel and expense management to companies and travelers while also ensuring employees stayed in compliance with corporate travel policies. Using ATPCO and Sita’s NDC API, PSNGR1 provides a way for travelers to have a simpler way to shop for the best flight options while securely storing all travel records. The entire process has been streamlined—research, buying, and record collection is now fast and easy through PSNGR1.

Get in on the action

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