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Routehappy and SATA Azores Airlines: Redefining the way their customers shop for flights



Covering more ground...or air...with Routehappy

Using ATPCO to distribute their products and attributes, SATA Azores Airlines knew they were on the cusp of creating a next-level retailing experience for their flight shopping customers, but they were just missing one key element: merchandising.

With a desire to target international markets and visually communicate their nonstop flights to the Azores, SATA Azores Airlines turned to the airline industry solution for merchandising Routehappy. Their choice makes true airline retailing a reality by upgrading their merchandising strategy and creating a visual flight shopping experience for new and existing customers. 

Transforming unique selling points into easy-to-understand visuals 

SATA Azore Airlines was looking for a creative and unique way to display and market their one-of-a-kind products to their current and potential customers. Nowadays, flight shoppers expect a visual shopping experience beyond just price and schedule. Conventional methods for selling routes just don’t cut it anymore. Flight shoppers want to understand and see exactly what they’re purchasing before they board their flight.

SATA Azores Airlines' Premium UPAs bring offers to life with targeted information about destinations with the ability to communicate in various languages to their customers.

“The ability to add life to simple text information through images and videos is a powerful tool,” said Pedro Leitão, Revenue and Pricing Manager at SATA Group. “The key features of Routehappy help engage passengers and build their trust when choosing SATA for their next trip.”

Routehappy also allows SATA Azores Airlines to communicate their various airline offers in different languages – from Portuguese to French translations. Translated content creates an easy, straightforward message for their customers and allows them to reach targeted groups of potential customers.

How to create irresistible content for flight shoppers with Routehappy 

SATA-airlines-before-after-visuals-graphicSATA Azores Airlines chose to use Routehappy because they wanted to improve upsell and conversion rates for ancillaries, and create the visual flight shopping experience they know consumers expect. Research has shown time and time again that there is a clear demand for more visual content. In fact, 80% of flight shoppers are more likely to book a flight with targeted visuals that merchandise flight options over displays focused solely on just price and schedule. SATA Azores Airlines knew that Routehappy was the answer to unlocking true airline retailing because it creates the visual experience their potential and current customers crave.  

“We partnered with ATPCO and chose Routehappy because it provides consistent messaging across various channels and customer touch-points,” said Graça Silva, Sales & Brand, Marketing and Communication Director at SATA Group. 

With top-notch visual content, this merchandising solution allows SATA Azores Airlines’ flight shoppers to get the full picture and visually understand the differences between airline offers. An aesthetically pleasing and visually informed experience is now just a click or swipe away for their customers.SATA-airlines-quote

“With Routehappy content, passengers have more and better information than ever before to help them feel more comfortable and confident when making their flight decisions,” said Joao Vitor Ferreira, Head of Brand, Marketing and Communication at SATA Group. “It is the essential tool to compete in today’s markets.”

With a simple and scalable API, plus the ability to publish content centrally, distribute it broadly, and integrate it flexibly, Routehappy is the solution you’ve been searching for to better merchandise your airline offers. 

Take the guesswork out of modern airline merchandising and upgrade your strategy with Routehappy. 

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Marcos has been working in the industry for the last 25 years in several positions within the commercial areas of the airline industry within GDSs and ATPCO.

His experience ranges from running the pricing and data distribution department at Transbrasil and working in the pricing platform at Sabre, to teaching all ATPCO products, to running the EMEA & Central Asia Sales and Customer Marketing division, then to developing the retailing activities in the same region.

His current role and focus include transforming offer presentation to unlock true airline retailing, where clear, well-articulated, visually presented offers are made available to passengers wherever they are shopping regardless of the distribution module.

Marcos holds an MBA degree on Information Technology and Management from the University of California UCI, Irvine and FGV.