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Targeted messaging and visual content

Premium UPAs 

Premium UPAs allow for endless merchandising possibilities. Premium UPAs bring unique airline fares, products, and services to life with messaging, images, videos, and cabin tours. UPA content can be highly targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, giving travel agents and travelers time-sensitive and relevant content as they shop. Premium UPAs are essential to differentiate from competition and achieve conversions and upsell.

Key features

  • Created for 29 airlines (36% of flights)
  • Can be highly targeted and customized
  • ATPCO strategist creation/maintenance 
  • Codeshare UPA facilitation
  • ATPCO Retailing subscription required


Get started with Premium UPAs


Get started with Premium UPAs

Premium UPAs for infinite possibilities

Fare / Ancillaries

Seat / Time

Amenities / Service

Airport / Lounge

Schedule / Frequency

Codeshare / Partnerships

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Seat Infographic UPAs 

Seat Infographic UPAs provide simple visualizations and messaging for specific seat products. These graphics allow flyers to know what to expect when it comes to seat width and pitch, leg room, reclining, and more.  

Key features

  • Created for 474 airlines (97% of flights)
  • Included with ATPCO Community Participation


Get started with Seat Infographic UPAs


Air Niugini Business

A reclining seat with greater width and pitch than an economy seat

Surinam Airways Business

A premium seat that converts to a flat bed at a 180 degree angle, and provides all passengers direct access to the aisle

TAAG Angola Economy

Economy seat with 31" / 79 cm of seat pitch

RwandAir Premium Economy

A reclining seat with greater width and pitch than an economy seat, includes a leg rest

Reassurance UPAs 

Reassurance UPAs contain important messaging and graphics intended to make passengers feel safe and informed when they fly. With Reassurance UPAs, airlines can communicate their COVID-19 policies and responses through direct and indirect sales channels to provide travelers with access to accurate, relevant, and influential information that eases travel concerns.

Key features

  • Grouped into 10 main topic areas
  • Included with ATPCO Community Participation


Get started with Reassurance UPAs


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