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Customer spotlight: How FareNexus Group helps to accelerate airline retailing through NDC and exploring new concepts

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While some organizations had to pause on their NDC developments while dealing with the pandemic affects, others turned to NDC solutions for greater efficiencies. One example I can highlight is a recent NDC Exchange joiner, FareNexus Group, who launched the advanced version of their nexusWIND product that is in production with Air Canada since May. It features a powerful UX and is a centralized solution for TMCs, travel agencies, and consolidators. FareNexus Group is now connecting to all NDC Exchange participating airlines, with Southwest and British Airways being the next to go live within the next 30 days.

How does it help the industry? The nexusWIND platform can now seamlessly provide advanced shopping, integrated contract management, and agency tools with the most complete airline pricing and retailing content, enabled by ATPCO’s NDC Exchange.

This launch is just the beginning of what may come next because of our collaboration.

About FareNexus Group

Based in Montreal, Canada, and led by Ravi Kumar Panwar, FareNexus is a group of innovators who aim to provide the solutions for every sector of the travel and IT industry to help drive efficiency. Founded in 2016, FareNexus Group has developed and implemented comprehensive booking engine solutions and are expanding their capabilities to the NDC space. They are a true testimony of growth and transparency.

Nurturing entrepreneurship and exploring new concepts 
ATPCO is known for working with many organizations to help build solutions that maximize value for the industry. FareNexus Group demonstrated their exceptional ability to transform and innovate with agility, and together we’ve been exploring concepts that may help the industry during recovery and beyond.

Possibilities are endless when entrepreneurship meets deep expertise and involves the latest technology. Here are the three concepts that we are exploring with the support of the team at FareNexus Group:

  1. Solving for consolidation in NDC: To bridge the technology gaps between traditional and NDC distribution channels, ATPCO and FareNexus Group are working on enhancing the consolidation and markup processes. By exploring the development of infrastructure to support both distribution methods, we aim to provide greater interoperability for the industry.
  2. Multiple ways to leverage NGS (New Generation Storefront)™: To accelerate airline retailing capabilities, we are exploring ways the industry can leverage NGS™ beyond the benefits its standards offer by distributing the underlying content in raw data or interactive APIs. In addition, ATPCO has launched a proof of concept (POC) with two airlines and FareNexus Group to explore an industry centralized solution that would enrich offer responses with embedded NGS™ data, including the shelf score.
  3. Centralized services: To improve check-in service for travelers when multiple carriers and third parties are involved, we are exploring a POC using a centralized infrastructure. This POC would leverage ATPCO’s NDC Exchange in conjunction with the nexusWIND platform. 

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes of these POCs and to all the things we’ll learn along the way. It is always exciting to take our data to new places and look at the possible solutions through the lens of our industry partners.

To learn more about NDC Exchange or the ways ATPCO is helping the industry with global recovery, visit our website and reach out at

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