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Routehappy and eSky: Creating an exceptional customer experience


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What happens when eSky provides flight shoppers with need-to-know information in an aesthetically pleasing way? Their customers get a top-tier merchandising experience. eSky is adding Routehappy content that differentiates product offerings with compelling, targeted, visual information about airline offers and value-added services.


Platform growth meets improved customer experience

eSky is focused on achieving two major goals with this ATPCO solution: growing their online travel agency platform and building a positive customer experience. By utilizing Routehappy content, eSky is able to provide better merchandising displays of airline offers to its customers at every stage of booking—from the flight search, through the purchase process, to the customer platform—no matter what device they shop on. Their modern displays help strengthen and grow their position as an expert and leader in innovation in the travel industry, while addressing the challenges of customer experience.

“Value-added services such as messaging, images, videos, and cabin tours are the future of merchandising on travel sites. This perfect combination gives us a complete fit with trends from both an informational and UX perspective,” said Jakub Bajorski, eSky’s Senior Director – Flights.


How targeted, visually presented airline content improves flight shopping

As an online travel agency (OTA) with big market penetration in Eastern Europe and South America, eSky works with many airlines across the globe. They’ve been in operation for 18 years, are present in 50 countries, have 150 million customers, and work with 950 airlines, which means they receive tons of different details about offers that aren’t always consistent with one another. One of the biggest problems they faced was visually presenting clear, standardized content for their flight shoppers.

Receiving standardized details of airline offers from a single, reliable source—ATPCO—will help eSky build modern retailing displays and reduce mismatched information. eSky will preserve visual consistency for each airline offer, allowing them to go beyond just improving the customer experience. Routehappy data will show shoppers actual comparative information and visual content so consumers can make a well-informed decision about their travel experience. Plus, allowing customers to filter options according to specific product characteristics significantly improves the shopping and booking process.

Another element of improving their customer experience will be achieving purchase transparency with Routehappy content. It allows customers to see why presented products might have different prices and what the differences actually mean. eSKy’s customers will benefit from understanding the full, comprehensive information behind the price they will see because they will know the true value of their purchase and what to expect when they board the plane.


How ATPCO visual content helps travel agencies

As the travel industry’s neutral, honest broker, ATPCO is a proven and reliable source for providing innovative industry solutions just like Routehappy. eSky chose to use Routehappy content because it provides an all-in-one solution for their customers.

Customers can view messages and images about a particular flight, including which amenities will be available, and find consumer-friendly explanations about the benefits and restrictions of their specific ticket. Routehappy data allows sellers to show flight shoppers all this information at once. From seat selection and checked baggage to entertainment and more, shoppers can see the value in what exactly is being offered to them. This simultaneously boosts shoppers’ confidence and credibility in their flight booking experience—unlocking true, modern retailing. Talk about a win-win for all!

eSky had been planning to provide visual and targeted content for quite some time, but the pandemic proved it is a necessity now. With flight shoppers needing scheduling flexibility now more than ever—especially to change or cancel flights—Routehappy was the easy choice. Not only is the API simple and scalable, but it positions eSky a step ahead of its competitors.

“Companies that apply effective solutions supporting the creation of positive experiences both on the rational and emotional level will be one step ahead. Rich content is one of them. On the one hand, it gives rational arguments in the transaction process, on the other hand, it gives an emotional sense of good choice and credibility,” said Inga Wawrzyniak-Gacek, Marketing Communications Director.

Want to learn more about Routehappy content and how it can help create a positive customer experience?

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