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Top 10 stories from 2017

atpco elevate

1. Meeting the challenges of the relentless speed of the airline industry
In February 2017, ATPCO opened a new era with a new President and CEO, Rolf Purzer, with a shift in our vision to be agile and embrace innovation, knowledge, and alignment. We shared the story and our plans for the future at our flagship annual event, Elevate. There we announced new paradigm on dynamic pricing and unveiled plans for ATPCO Bridge Labs to offer an opportunity for emerging and established companies in travel and technology. ATPCO Bridge Labs members will partner with ATPCO to gain mentorship, access, and insight – with a goal of rapidly prototyping and monetizing the development of new products and services.

2. A new, happy partnership
In April, we announced our partnership to Routehappy, a powerful merchandising platform for flight shopping.  Our collaboration integrated ATPCO’s Optional Services Industry Sub Codes into Routehappy’s content platform, Routehappy Hub. It facilitated the opportunity to use our data to present and merchandise ancillary products in a more visual and consumer-friendly way, and it gives our customers the ability to differentiate their brand and to allow them to regain more control over how their product is presented in the market.

3. Rebranding – More than a new logo
This is a story about how an incredible team transformed the brand of a 50-year-old bastion in aviation. After days of work behind the scenes in August, employees welcomed a new logo and a completely transformed office space. ATPCO’s new identity made its debut for the people who inspired it. Rebranding isn’t just about a new logo and trendy jargon; it goes so much deeper into our identities as people and as the defining characteristics of what we accomplish every day. To experience success, we examined and re-evaluated our culture and branding simultaneously. Volunteers from within recommended ways to align a strong, differentiated company culture with our new brand.

4. 80 participants, 14 teams, 29 hours of coding
ATPCO hosted its first-ever Hackathon in September, where teams took on the challenge of developing innovative solutions to business problems that our customers face today or in the future. You could feel the electricity in the air during the idea pitches and through the long hours of work. The energy has continued as the winning teams are continuing to work on their ideas with company support.  

5. Strengthening new distribution channels for the industry
With the launch of our industry solution, NDC Exchange, we partnered with our colleagues at SITA, and showed the industry the next logical step in distribution: a neutral hub connecting airlines with sellers that translates many different messages in real-time so that all players can share a common language for data.

6. Leading you into the next generation of distribution through Elevate 2017
We leveled up our annual customer event this year, adding exec-level talks and even more interactive exhibits at Elevate 2017. The event quickly generated a buzz, highlighting ATPCO’s commitment to advance industry-enabling solutions with established and emerging partners.  Then we took that buzz and our growing community to new devices, where we vastly expanded our social media connections with customers and other industry players.

7. We flew 630,000 miles just to get to your door
Our Consulting team visited 27 different airlines and 5 industry partners on 5 continents this year. We provided full insights to the industry to help airlines around the world maximize their distribution channel, track and refine their logistics strategy, and become more responsive to their customers.

8. We always have your back
ATPCO’s Training department ran more than 200 courses in 2017 to help our customers get the most out of tools. We worked with our customers to create web-based and effective learning solutions that are accessible, flexible, and designed with specific needs and environments in mind. ATPCO also executed 11 on-site & customized training classes this year in countries such as Thailand, Angola, Mexico City, Egypt, Portugal, Tunisia, Surinam, France, and Turkey.

9. Specializing in you
ATPCO’s sales team worked with customers extensively in 2017 to provide personalized attention and support to get our customers the solutions they need. Beyond the clockwork precision needed to get all the gears of this complicated business turning, our sales team built partnerships and attended industry events where we could share our unique expertise. The London office successfully supported all technical requirements with the EMEA customers, working with speed, passion and commitment. Our Singapore office happily onboarded 2 OTAs on 2017 with no fewer than five customer touchpoints. In addition, our US and Canada sales team visited over 57 customers and 12 airlines were visited twice a year and simultaneously the Latin America & Caribbean office visited 8 countries in 2017 and held an important Board Meeting in Santiago, Chile

10. Our expertise has no limits
We are passionate about helping our customers connect to the future of the airline industry through our unrivaled combination of specialized knowledge and resources that fuel innovation. That’s why we are always looking for opportunities to help you succeed. One example is when our Solutions Architecture team presented to our offshore partner Infosys, providing an overview of the Subscription process and speaking on WebSphere and MQ, following with DB2 SQL standards. This opportunity strengthened our industry relationship while expanding the horizons of this team as they had the chance to explore where our partners and customers are located.

What we’ve done this year is astounding. Updating our brand and peering even farther into the future has been thrilling, but it’s all part of our top priority: serving you in the friendly and expert way you’ve come to expect from us. Our dedication to service is our super power, and everyone at ATPCO is excited to use it to keep the innovations coming in 2018.

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Megan Humphries

About Megan Humphries

As Global Head of Corporate Communications, Megan develops actionable strategies to elevate ATPCO and drive increased engagement with media, customers, and employees.

Megan joined ATPCO after the Routehappy acquisition in February 2018, where she has since been learning all things airline pricing, airline distribution, and the beautiful complexities the aviation industry offers. The Australian native is a fanatical traveler, having lived on three continents and visited more than 40 countries.

She graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Mass Communications, with a Public Relations major.