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What the World Cup teaches us about our beautiful game: Data

World cup, data, and you

The world is watching. Amid the steady work and common concerns of our days, for one exalted month people all over the world share in the grandeur of the World Cup. So, what’s that have to do with processing airfare data?

The qualifying rounds refine the glorious chaos of 210 national teams into just 31 who will compete with the host for the world’s greatest trophy. But we can’t watch every single qualifying match to find, say, which defensive midfielders on each team are more effective in a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2. There’s so much going on, it’s hard to take it all in. We get it. We see it every day as we process millions of fare changes and thousands of complex baggage policies.

From the distribution of your fares, to collecting optional services, and ending with your actual sales data, the amount of data that airlines send and receive is massive. Sifting through it all to make sense of it can be next to impossible without the correct tools.

But how do you want it? What’s your World Cup data personality?

Maybe you want the unfiltered, raw data sent to your systems in flat files, like a scout traveling to academies all over the world to find the next Ronaldo.

Maybe you want APIs that automatically give you access to data, like your snazzy tournament bracket that instantly fills in the results of every match so you can stay on top of each group’s table.

Maybe you’d rather have pre-calculated searches you can plug into a UI to get instant answers for your audits, like someone who just wants to tune into the knockout round and see who comes out on top.

Faster distribution and reliable accuracy make data a beautiful game. And ATPCO is stepping up to play.

This year, our Data Platform Services is revamping its look, creating more ways for you to receive the data you already send us.

Take our Baggage Calculator, our solution to easily work with the hundreds of provisions for baggage allowances and charges you have on the market. We can serve this data calculated by itinerary in two different forms, either API or UI, so you can choose what’s right for your data needs. You can integrate our API with your website or airport reservation counters to pull up baggage information in a snap for passengers who arrived with too many checked items. Or you can use our online UI as an auditing tool to ensure your airline is putting policies that make sense into the market.

We’re working on many more exciting new UIs and APIs with you in mind. You can learn more about one of them this week, merchandising with content, in the Routehappy by ATPCO webinar.

ATPCO is dedicated to giving you data when and how you want it. From ancillaries to taxes to a fare’s total price, whatever you need, we have. And whether you’re watching World Cup matches with friends in a pub, kicking back at home, or streaming on a device, the lesson is the same: you get what you need, and what we all need is a beautiful data game.

Let’s talk about which data makes your eyes shine.

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Bryan Trauger

About Bryan Trauger

For more than 17 years, Bryan has worked with ATPCO's Product Development and Marketing teams, specializing in data distribution, automated reissues and refunds, and historical and alternate general rules.

Bryan led the Technology Transformation Data Distribution and Subscriptions project, a multi-year effort to create the next-generation distribution solution.

Before joining ATPCO in 2000, Bryan worked for a corporate travel agency and in United Airlines' reservations department.