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3 ways airlines can leverage being an ATPCO Community Participant

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The year 2020 has clearly shown us a few positives, including how powerful the intersection of data, technology, and community can be. From collecting real-world data on virus impact, to developing new technology in a record-breaking time, to growing countless online communities to stay connected—these breakthroughs give us hope for a better year and a brighter future.

Data and community have always been at the heart of everything we do here at ATPCO. This year we continue to drive industry advancement through community innovation, bringing airlines and the entire industry together to help them take off again.

These are fine words and fine ideas, but how do they work in real life? Here are the three ways airlines can leverage the power of data and community to speed up their recovery efforts.

Harness the power of structured data to showcase your airline's unique factors

At ATPCO, we live and breathe airline shopping data and continue to accelerate its value by structuring, formatting, and normalizing it so that it works for the entire ecosystem of airlines and their sales channels partners. This structured data that flows through ATPCO’s community of more than 500 companies is extremely powerful because it enables airlines to differentiate their products, outperform their competition, predict new trends, learn more about their customers, and create and showcase new products and policies.

For instance, when airlines quickly adapted their booking, cleaning, and service procedures last year, ATPCO worked with airlines to publish visual content (picture + text) to let travelers easily understand those important measures while they were booking flights.

As airlines continue to update their booking policies and safety measures, and are coming up with new ideas for making it safer to fly again, ATPCO is doing its “magic” to ensure their pricing and retailing data is clean, consistent, accurate, and ready to be easily extracted, integrated, and distributed everywhere where people buy flights.

Don’t procrastinate your data needs. Make sure that your own and the industry’s data is working for your maximum benefit—for example, using every data element possible to showcase your latest products’ and brand’s unique factors.

Discover new insights on airline competitive data

In this fragile economy, the industry tech dollar is really stretched, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore and adopt new tools. The long-term benefits can increasingly fit the budget. If you are looking to become more sophisticated with your pricing strategies, adopting new tools may be the best recovery strategy.

Consider doing a side-by-side comparison of your pricing tools to help you evaluate a better way to get from where you are today to where you want to be. Many airlines are finding that marrying existing technology with some of the latest practices and tools is the most optimized route.

New tools can help you discover insights from airline competitive data in a new way—tools that evolve with your needs by keeping future capabilities like dynamic pricing in mind.
Become a Community Participant and win maximum benefits

The new Community Participation model at ATPCO this year is designed to get airlines the most value possible. The new model gives airlines access to many applications and tools that enable you to create, manage, and distribute your products in a simpler way. To give you a sneak peek, a few of the leading tools that airlines will be able to take advantage of include access to the Routehappy Hub and MarketView.

Beside the many features and functions of ATPCO tools, airline Community Participants have unique opportunities to engage with people across the industry. This is the one, neutral place where you can stay in-the-know on industry happenings. For example, just last week we debuted the Foundation Industry Stand-Up, a live, virtual event recurring every two months to discuss the latest priorities and opportunities in the community. 

In this ever-changing environment, staying connected to your next opportunity is vitally important. Reach out at, where our experts are ready to help you navigate multiple opportunities so you can soar.

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Ulyana was formerly a team member at ATPCO.

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Ulyana was formerly a team member at ATPCO.