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Glossary for the airline industry

From A-Z, this glossary covers definitions and explanations for common airline industry terminology.


All points on the ticket. Also called itinerary.

journey calculation

The first step in fare quotation, involves using the schedule data to create all possible itineraries using the parameters consumers enter through the system by the shopping or Internet booking front-end system.

journey turnaround

The farthest fare break or stopover on the journey that is uniquely defined in the Services Records for Carrier-Imposed Fees and Ticketing Fees.


Joint Passenger Services Conference; the group that meets annually to approve the JPSC Resolutions changes that become effective on 1 June of the following year.

JPSC Resolutions

Rules documented in the JPSC Resolutions Handbook that govern passenger service for airline-to-airline and airline-to-travel agency relationships.


Joint Passenger Ticketing Committee; reports to the JPSC and determines resolution changes relating to ticketing practices.


The economic reason that a carrier wishes to make changes to its rates or fares. All filed changes must be justified either on statutory or short notice.