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Glossary for the airline industry

Definitions and explanations of common terms in the airline industry


A service of transportation between two consecutive scheduled intermediate stops on any given flight.


The actual collection and operation of a flight coupon.

live government

A government that has taken action on filings via ATPCO's Government Filing System (GFS). Current live governments are Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Cayman Islands, Netherlands, and the United States.


Learning Management System.


The complete line address of the communication line between the gateway and the host or GDS. It is composed of the LN (Line), IA (Interchange Address), and TA (Terminal Address).

load factor

An industry measure of how close traffic matches capacity. This number is calculated as a ratio of ASKs to RPKs.


1. A geographic point.

2. A specific location identified as a city, state, country, zone, or area. Can in some instances include airports.